Last Tuesday night.  A post on social media about the horrific riots that erupted around him was reversed in Bengaluru today.

Muslims structure human chain to monitor sanctuary in DJ Halli after Bengaluru brutality

            #Bengaluruvandalisam, #Muslim #humanchain  

Muslim youth Create Human Chain in  To Protect the Tempale after the Bengaluru Violence

       Muslim youth Create Human Chain in  To Protect the Tempale after the Bengaluru Violence

Bengaluru –  At any rate three individuals were killed while more than 60 police work force endured wounds in brutality that broke out late Tuesday night after nephew of a Congress MLA purportedly shared a post online in social media. 


SHOCKING scenes in the heart of cosmopolitan Bengaluru, where a Muslim mob is on a rampage over a social mediapost on Prophet Muhammad by a relative of the Dalit Congress MLA.

No emergency, no intolerance, no fascism. Ignore. Move on.

— Anand Ranganathan (@ARanganathan72) August 11, 2020

A video asserting that a gathering of Muslims accumulated at the DJ Halli police headquarters restrains in Bengaluru and shaped a human chain to shield a tempale  from  criminals after savagery ejected in the city is doing the rounds via web-based networking media. 

News Agency ANI tweeted the video inscribed: A gathering of Muslim youth assembled and framed a human chain around the DJ Halli police headquarters cutoff points of Bengaluru city before the end of last night, to shield the tempale  from  criminals after savagery ejected in the region. (Video source: DJ Halli neighborhood). 

As the police groups attempted to control the horde from harming property and setting things ablaze, from the crowd rampaged through the region. 

What are the possible causes of vandalism?

  • Most constract evidence is social media post of Congress MLA Nephew 


Car fire horrific image in Bengaluru
Car fire horrific image in Bengaluru

  • The explanation for their keeping mum is the Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI), the political outfit of the Islamic fundamentalist association PFI — said to behind the mobs — is in direct battle with the Congress over minority votes. The SDPI which has some nearness in Karnataka has challenged in the races against the Congress before and has even harmed it’s possibilities in certain seats 

  • The Muslim chiefs of the Congress who see SDPI as a danger to their political presence are likewise making simply weak commotions over the episode, not ready to make some noise on SDPI’s public governmental issues. 

  • The development of SDPI is a stressing improvement for the amazing old gathering in Kerala and Karnataka. 

The decision BJP, which has nothing to lose strategically, is intently viewing the SDPI versus Congress battle

After night-long strain following the fire related crime and vandalism in the DJ Halli territory of Bengaluru, police said Naveen, whose social post started the defacement, has been arested.

Around 10-15 vehicles were determined to fire in the territory while a piece of the MLA’s living arrangement was likewise harmed. Police vehicles were harmed and set ablaze. A gathering entered a restricted territory where 200-250 vehicles were determined to fire, said the Commissioner.

An aggregate of 110 individuals have been captured so far for defacement and assaulting police staff during the savagery that broke out in DJ Halli region in .

Limitations under Section 144 of CRPC have been forced in Bengaluru and check in time has been forced in DJ Halli and KG Halli police headquarters cutoff points of the city

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