ISRO’s PSLV-C49 rocket was successfully launched with the Earth Operation Satellite EOS-01 with nine customer satellites.

PSLV C-49 rocket Launch Succesfully with Earth Operation Satellite EOS-
PSLV C-49 rocket Launch Succesfully with Earth Operation Satellite EOS-01

  NEW DELHI: India’s PSLV-C49’s latest Earth observation satellite EOS-01 and nine satellite satellites were launched from Spaceport on Saturday.  The EOS-01 satellite will be used primarily in agriculture, forestry, soil moisture, geology, coastal observation and flood monitoring for a variety of civilian needs.


  This is the first launch of the space agency since Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a nationwide coronavirus lockdown on March 23.

  The customer satellites include 4 from the United States and Luxembourg each, and 1 from Lithuania, for multi-mission remote sensing purposes, marking marine applications and technology demonstrations.

 The communications satellite GSAT-30 was the first satellite of the year to be launched by ISRO, which was launched on 17 February from the European spaceport in French Guiana.  Following the PSLV-C49 mission, ISRO intends to launch the PSLV-C50 mission carrying GSAT-12R communication satellites in December.


Watch Live: Launch of EOS-01 and 9 customer satellites by PSLV-49

— ISRO (@isro) November 7, 2020

  At 3.34 pm, ISRO reported that the satellite satellites were separated and entered their orbit.  Six minutes ago, the space agency reported that India’s EOS-01 satellite PSLV (Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle) was detached from the fourth layer of the rocket and injected into orbit.

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