India is coming to an end with China’s ever-increasing border clashes ???  Discussions at the commander level are due Friday

India China Border Clashes,commander label meeting at Friday
India China Border Clashes,commander label meeting at Friday

 NEW DELHI: India and China are preparing a number of proposals to ease the ongoing military conflict in eastern Ladakh, with thousands of troops stationed at an altitude of 15,000 feet now suffering from a cold snap in the region.  There have been “some positive exchanges” in the eighth round of corps commander-level talks in Chusul on Friday, and another meeting will be held “within the next week” to take up those issues, sources said on Sunday.

  However, a steady progress in the military stalemate will depend on whether both sides will be able to finalize the actual modalities for “mutual disarmament” at the “friction point” in the Pangong Tso-Chusul region, where temperatures have already dropped to minus 20 degrees Celsius.  Makes patience test for.  India needs to be extra vigilant this time around as the previous military embargo plan was thwarted after the June 15 agreement to cancel an observation post on Indian soil in the Galwan Valley rebuilt the People’s Liberation Army (PLA).  Twenty Indian and unspecified PLA soldiers were killed in the violent clashes

  “Any disengagement plan needs to be implemented in a verifiable manner.  Moreover, our troops should not be left in a strategically difficult position, ”said a senior official.  China is aggressively pushing Indian troops to zero in on multiple heights extending from Thakung on the southern bank of the Pang Tsor to Gurung Hill, Spangur Gap, Magar Hill, Mukhpari, Rezong La and Rekin La (Rechin Mountain).  Pass) on August 29-30.

  Similarly, China has proposed withdrawing tanks, howitzers and other heavy weapons from the front lines.  “PLA has better access to side roads and can re-incorporate tanks and howitzers at a faster pace.  We even got the tanks up the ridline near Rechin La, surprised the PLA … it may not be possible anymore, “the official said. A joint statement issued by the two countries on Sunday said that the LAC in East Ladakh  “There has been a deep, intense and constructive exchange of views on the issue.”

  The statement said both sides agreed to “earnestly implement the important consensus reached by the leaders of the two countries” as well as to ensure that their forces “exercise restraint and avoid misunderstandings and miscalculations”.  Maintaining dialogue and communication through military and diplomatic channels, the two sides will take the progress of the talks and “push for the settlement of other outstanding issues” to maintain joint peace and tranquility in the border areas, it added.

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