The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has released the results of their recent “Removable Aliens” campaign, 122 illigal immigrants Detention

ICE arrests 122 illigal  immigrants in Nevada, Utah, Idaho, and Montana targeting those with U.S criminal convictions

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United States (ICE)-  The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has released the results of their recent “Removable Aliens” campaign, which has arrested people in Nevada, Utah, Idaho and Montana on criminal charges.  The rising tide of crime in the United States has once again come under scrutiny


 The ICE conducted the operation from July 30 to August 20

 Part of the whole campaign between July and August is the immigration sweep, which relies on criminals for assault, domestic violence and other criminal charges.  CBS News reported on Tuesday that some migrants had been arrested in the operation.

 The press release quoted the ICE as saying that “about 75 per cent of the arrests made by immigrants have criminal charges or criminal charges against them.”

 The agency provided video of the arrests in Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami and Fairfax, Virginia.

 Details of ICE’s crackdown on criminals in the United States

 A 19-year-old Mexican man convicted of physically abusing a child under the age of 14 in Las Vegas, Nevada, and a 42-year-old Mexican man accused of carrying a firearm in Las Vegas, Nevada  An older child has been convicted of sexually abusing a child and several others have been arrested for various offenses.

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 Statement of ICE Field Director

 Brian Wilkes (Field Director ICE, Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO), Salt Lake City

ICE released United States Crime report
ICE released United States Crime report

 “During the operation, the target was men, women and children in our community. Serious crimes were committed by these criminals and their victims were injured.

  The ICE has convicted more than 1,900 people since 2019 and their duties include murder, 1,800 abductions, 12,000 sexual offenses, 5,000 sexual assaults, 8,000 assaults, 67,000 drug-related offenses, 10,000 weapons offenses, and the arrest of 8,000 and more recently 122 people.  The aspect, as it appears, on the other hand refers to the rising trend of crime in the United States.

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