A BJP worker fell ill in a tear gas canister during the BJP’s Uttarkanya Abhiyan  He was taken to Maharaja Hospital where he was pronounced dead


 #Shiliguri: The battlefield Siliguri surrounds the BJP’s Uttarkanya campaign.  The BJP’s operation at Tinbatti Mor and Phulbari in the city created unrest  BJP  alleges BJP worker died  The name of the deceased BJP worker is Ulen Roy 7

BJP Uttarkanya Abhijan
Uttarkanya Abhijan BJP Leader and Supporter

West Bengal:

BJP Uttarkanya Abhijan. It is learned that Ulen fell ill with a tear gas shell  He was taken to Maharaja Hospital where he was pronounced dead  However, BJP president Dilip Ghosh claimed that six of the workers had died after being beaten by police  The house of a 50-year-old dead BJP worker is at Ghazaldoba in Jalpaiguri.

 At the beginning of the operation, BJP activists were accused of throwing bricks and glass bottles at the police.  On the other hand, tear gas and water cannons were used to stop the BJP activists when they tried to break through the barricades.  The situation is heated up in stages  The cell firing tear gas to control the protesters were widespread.  BJP workers hurled stones, glass bottles and bricks at the police  It is believed that Ulen Roy was injured in the middle of that skirmish

BJP Uttarkanya Abhijan Siliguri

 State President Dilip Ghosh expressed anger over the death of the party worker  “It’s not that the police are becoming so aggressive to stop a democratic movement,” he said  Police used sticks unjustly  Activist Ulen Roy was hit by a stick  There are many injuries on the whole body  He further added that he was “shot with a shotgun.”

"AR NOY ONNAY" With this slogan of BJP, BJP leader and activist in Uorkanya campaign
“AR NOY ONNAY” With this slogan of BJP, BJP leader and activist in Uorkanya campaign

 The procession came towards Uttarkanya from two turns around one o’clock on Monday afternoon.  Dilip Ghosh, Sayantan Basu and Jayant Rayra led the procession at Phulbari.  Dilip Ghosh was detained by the police.

 BJP workers at the Phulbari intersection, protesters throwing bricks at the police.  Police fired tear gas shells.  BJP workers and supporters clashed with the police for three hours. Some BJP workers fell ill with tear gas shells.  They were admitted to Maharaja Hospital.  Ulen Roy, a BJP worker from Ghazaldobar, was killed.  In a tweet, state police said they denied the shooting.  An autopsy will reveal the cause of death.

BJP activist Ulen Roy dies in Siliguri Uttarkanya operation

 On the other hand, Kailash Vijayavargiya, Soumitra Khan, Tejasvi Surya, Nishith Pramanikara led the procession at Jalpai Mor.  Protesters broke the barricade at the corner of Tinbatti.  The barricade was set on fire.  Police fired water cannons.  Tear gas shells are constantly cracked.  Soumitra Khan fell ill.  Tejasvi Surya drove away from the battlefield.  However, the activists and supporters did not retreat.  Bricks, stones and glass bottles flew from the Naukaghat junction targeting the police.  Again the police fired tear gas shells.  Police said the protesters hathate stick.  Several were detained.

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