Joe Biden has been nominated for the president of the United States for 4 years ,Kamla Harris is the first female VP

Joe Biden Win US Election
Joe Biden Win US Election

The U.S. president has won the state political race by defeating President Donald Trump after Joe Biden increased his lead in the state of Pennsylvania.

  Biden’s running mate, Kamala Harris, will become the first female vice president in US history.



Biden won groundbreaking awards in Michigan and Wisconsin while increasing leadership in Georgia’s critical region.  With success in the previous two states, he made a vital salvage of the “Blue Divider” that the Democrats favored four years ago.

  Given the chance that he will win over Georgia, Biden will be the primary Democrat from this state since 1992.  Days ago, Biden’s leadership gave President Donald Trump a significant chance at re-election.

  “I will administer the administration as an American president,” Biden said earlier in the question-and-answer session.  “If we win, there will be no red state and no blue state, just the United States.”

  The Americans chose 77-year-old Biden to lead a country affected by the Covid epidemic that has slaughtered more than 23,100 people, spent a lot of time and reshaped daily life.

  Nearly 100 million Americans soon cast a ballot, an image that names some record-breaking.

  As Biden enters election day in a variety of ways to become a winner, Trump took part in lost time in various landmark states and was even shorter on the road to gain at the same time to get the votes of 270 electoral colleges.

  Voters have threatened to drop the ballot in long lines and viral threats as they choose between two different perspectives for the next four years in America.  The first record-setting vote – and the legal tussle over how it would be counted – brought fraudulent unsupported allegations from Trump, who he has refused to guarantee to honor the election results.

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