The joy of creation in the midst of destruction A #child pulls a doctor’s mask. ,People showed the direction of the new path, all instability will be solved.

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We all know that the hearts of children are the living temple of God. During this epidemic, the subject became more lively. Recently, a picture went viral in the net world.  Nowadays masks have become an everyday part of our lives.  According to doctors, the mask acts as a human vaccine.  From such an important Prime Minister to the Chief Minister of the state, everyone has suggested wearing a mask.


child pulls a doctor's mask. ,P

  However, this newborn baby does not have this supernatural place in his dictionary. Recently, a gynecologist from UAE shared this picture on social media.  The picture shows the #childpullingadoctor’smask.  This image went viral on social media.  While sharing a picture on her Instagram, the doctor wrote that we all want to remove the mask soon. “..


  This photo was shared by the doctor from the United Arab Emirates on his Instagram.  People started commenting after the photo was shared, after which the photo quickly went viral on social media.  One person wrote that this is the best picture of the year.  God bless it.


  Earlier, “Andre Tuto Ben” was born to an Italian newborn who, after translating, said “everything will be fine” which went viral.


  The photo was shared by Niguarda Hospital in Milan on 16 March.  “Life is stronger than anything! Welcome to the children who are being born on Earth in these difficult days … You are proving that life does not stop,” captioned the photo.

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