Pakistani conference on Kashmir on online zoom platform, Joy Sriram song started playing, the conference was hacked by the Indian part

Pakistani conference on Kashmir, on Zoom app, played Joy Shri Ram song
Pakistani conference on Kashmir, on Zoom app, played Joy Shri Ram song

New Delhi, Oct 29: A live zoom meeting on Pakistan-organized Kashmir was being broadcast on Facebook, with experts from different countries taking part, when a song played in the background of Lord Rama and Hanuman suddenly resounded.


2 minutes of great patriotic songs.

— VarunReddy2002 (@reddy2002_varun) October 28, 2020

  On Tuesday, a group of Pakistani diplomats, led by some self-proclaimed human rights activists and pro-Pakistan trolls, held a conference on the online platform Zoom to discuss the so-called “72-year inclusion of Kashmir in Indian territory”.

  US-based Islamist sympathizer CJ Warlman also attended the show to discuss Indian atrocities in Kashmir.

  As the anti-India program progressed, pro-India accounts began to creep into the program and prevent Pakistani diplomats from lying on the Kashmir issue.

  Pro-Indian users campaigned on the show, playing some Hindu nationalist songs to dissuade Pakistanis from their general anti-India rhetoric.

  “We expected this to happen,” said a speaker about hacking.

  At first, about 16:55 minutes later, pro-Hindu participants broadcast a Hindu religious song dedicated to Lord Hanuman.

  For a few seconds, the organizers of Pakistan and the other guests present at the event could not get over the cool edge of what was happening.  He was shocked to learn that Hindu-backed content was being aired.

  For the next half hour, the Pakistanis lied about Kashmir.  However, patient users again started playing the famous song “Ek Hi Nara, Ek Hi Naam, Joy Shri Ram Joy Shri Ram” at the event around 47 minutes.

  The song continued to play for the next two minutes during the Pakistani zoom reunion, forcing the Pakistanis to remain silent

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