Amy Connie Barretts Suprime Court Confarmstation Day 1 hearing

Amy Connie Barrett's judiciary committee Hearing
Amy Connie Barrett’s judiciary committee Hearing

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The Senate Judiciary Committee has called for a hearing on Amy Connie Barrett’s appointment to the Supreme Court, which is expected to last four days, starting Monday.  Barrett, 48, is currently serving in the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, and the vacancy created by the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg for President Trump’s Supreme Court seat.
  process will likely be a deadly political battle, as his appointment to the Supreme Court will further increase its conservative majority.  Under then-President Barack Obama he began the fight against the backdrop of Judge Merrick Garland’s 2016 nomination, blocking the GOP-controlled Senate.  Since they argue that why not fill that empty seat.  It needs to have the voice of the voters.
  On Monday, Judicial Committee Chairman Lindsay Graham will make her inaugural statement, followed by ranking member Diane Feinstein and the rest of the committee.  The senators will then have 10 minutes to speak, after which they will introduce Barrett to two Republican senators, Todd Young and Michael Brown, from his hometown of Indiana.  As well as Notre Dame Law School professor Patricia O’Hara, where Barrett was eligible for his nomination to be federal, in 2017 Judge Barrett will then be sworn in and deliver his inaugural statement.

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