China seeks to establish religious supremacy, removes symbols of other religions, establishes communist idols, attempts to establish monopolies by interfering in religious freedom


China is another example of communist religious persecution
China is another example of communist religious persecution(source:-Daily mail)
Bureau report : China is another example of communist religious persecution
  The communist Chinese government is ordering in a new report to replace some Christians with religious symbols, including the cross, crucifixion and image of Jesus Christ, and to replace them with communist leaders.
  The report on religious persecution was published in the religious freedom magazine Beater Winter.
  “All the poor families in the city were asked to display the Mao Zedong image,” said a local pastor from Bitter Winter.
  “The government is trying to destroy our faith and wants to be God instead of Jesus,” he added.
  In April, Communist Party officials issued an order to inspect the homes of believers in the town of Linfen in Uttar Pradesh’s Shaanxi province.
  Officials said the portraits of Chairman Mao and President Xi Jinping should be erected. Officials said those receiving financial support from the government should remove their religious symbols and replace them with all public welfare benefits if they refuse to do so.  Will be deprived of.
  In the experience of one resident, he said they destroyed the portrait of Jesus Christ and forcibly placed the portrait of Mao Zedong.
  The believer quoted the official as saying, “Poor religious families cannot spend any money from the state – they must show allegiance to the Communist Party for the money they receive.”
  The report presents a number of documents where believers may lose their support and benefits from the state simply for expressing religious feelings or displaying religious symbols, for their own religion.
  The religious behavior of the Muslim community was hurt. Muslims in the Uighur community were also forced to show allegiance to Chinese idols

  On Sunday, a Chinese ambassador in Xinjiang showed hundreds of Uighur detainees on a train run by armed men and brides who denied the existence of the detention camps despite having drone footage.
  In June, President Donald Trump signed a law condemning the Chinese government for detaining members of ethnic groups, including the Uighurs.  Some camps have been subjected to torture, forced labor and other deprivations.  The bill passed unopposed in both houses of Congress
 Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has made it clear that the United States opposes the suppression of religious freedom in China.
  According to the Associated Press, Pompeo also said that “state-sponsored repression against all religions is intensifying in China.”  “The Chinese Communist Party is now instructing religious organizations to adhere to the CCP leadership and forcibly incorporate communist ideology into their teachings and practices. The mass captivity of Uyghurs in Xinjiang continues.”

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