This is the first time Bihar New Elected CM Nitish Kumar has spoken about the Farmer movement

Bihar CM Nitish Kumar Statement about Farmer Movement
Bihar CM Nitish Kumar Statement about Farmer Movement


  Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has made a sensational statement on performance not to mention the minimum support price system in the new agriculture law and it is hoped that it will adversely affect the purchase of produce.  He said that if they (farmers) have discussed with the central government, the farmers will know the correct information that there will be no barrier in buying any crop.  Also, Nitish Kumar said that in the case of harvesting and guarantee of payment of the price fixed by the Center.

  Speaking at the inauguration of the 12.27-km-long Digha-Ames Elevated Road in Khagaul, Nitish said that what is going on now is in response to a question from reporters about the farmers’ movement.  That being said, the central government wants to talk to the farmers and let the government know that there will be no difficulty in procuring the produce.  You know that we abolished the old system of Bihar in 2006.  Since 2006, we buy and sell products through PACS.  Grain has never been bought like this before, but we are doing it.


PM Modi e address  to Bihar Public ,for  Win Electtion NDA Alliance

The Farm Bill was passed in the Rajya Sabha in the face of opposition

   Regarding the central government, Nitish Kumar, the Union Agriculture Minister in Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s government, said that what has been done about it across the country is to provide accurate information to the people.  The central government wants talks with farmers.  If negotiated, farmers will get information that there will be no barriers in buying any crop.  The purchase of crops will be completed and they will be paid the price fixed by the Center.

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