A strong earthquake measuring 7.0 on the Richter scale shook the Aegean Sea on Friday, damaging both Greece and Turkey.

Massive Earthquake in Turkey, building collapsed in the coastal province of Izmir, Turkey, on Friday-Tuncay Dersinlioglu/Reuters
Massive Earthquake in Turkey, building collapsed in the coastal province of Izmir, Turkey, on Friday-Tuncay Dersinlioglu/Reuters

 ISTANBUL, Turkey  – Buildings collapsed off the country’s coast and a nearby Greek island after a powerful earthquake shook the Aegean Sea on Friday afternoon.  At least four people have been killed in western Turkey. More casualties are being reported elsewhere.


This is really bad. #Izmir quake footage shows a completely destroyed building pic.twitter.com/2aNysJUJ26

— Ragıp Soylu (@ragipsoylu) October 30, 2020

  Turkish Health Minister Fehretin Koka announced the death toll on Twitter as people gathered in the streets after the Turkish city of Izmir and its environs left buildings for safety.  At least 120 people were injured.

  The mayor of Izmir told CNN Turk that at least 20 buildings were completely destroyed.


Another tsunami footage from the earthquake in Izmir province of Turkey.

This one is really dangerous pic.twitter.com/62zfddWSi8

— Ragıp Soylu (@ragipsoylu) October 30, 2020

  TV footage showed the Greek island of Samos in Izmir province and flooding of roads causing authorities to call it a “mini tsunami.”  No tsunami alert was issued.


Horrible. A building collapses after a 7.0 earthquake near İzmir.

Hopefully people were able to leave

No information on casualties yet pic.twitter.com/N31840lZxJ

— Ragıp Soylu (@ragipsoylu) October 30, 2020

  The US Geological Survey (USGS) measured the quake’s magnitude at 7.0, with Turkish authorities saying it was 6.0.  The quake struck 14 kilometers (8.7 miles) northeast of the town of Non Carlovation in Samos, according to the USGS, 7:51 a.m. ET.  And 1:51 p.m.

  However, it struck at a relatively shallow depth of less than 10 kilometers, the USGS said, adding that the impact was felt strongly at ground level near the epicenter.

  Authorities in both countries say there were dozens of aftershocks.

  Shortly after the quake, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan tweeted, “Get well soon.”

  “With all the strength of our state, we will stand by our citizens affected by the earthquake. We have started the necessary work in the region with all our relevant institutions and ministers,” Erdogan said.

  “There was an elderly woman in the building, we rescued her. There is another building near this building. They are continuing to try to get those people out,” he said.

  Izmir Governor Yavuz Selim Kagar said search teams had rescued 70 injured people and urged residents not to block the road so that ambulances and other emergency vehicles could reach the affected area.

  Samos deputy mayor Jargos Dionicio told Greek media that some old buildings had collapsed in the island region.

  Nicos Stefanis, chief of Samos Hospital, said only four people had been seriously injured.  The news of being trapped under the rubble has not been received yet.

  Some old buildings have collapsed on the island, Samos Deputy Mayor Jurgos Dionysio told Greek media

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