Bihar Election 2020 Live Update: Political campaign underway, second round of polls scheduled for November 3. 10 lakh job pledge Tejaswi ,JP Nadda, Yogi attack, Jiten Ram Majhi  Rambilas Paswan’s death demanded investigation

Bihar Election Updates-How '20 -30 lakh' people were forced to migrate: JP Nadda
Bihar Election Updates-How ’20 -30 lakh’ people were forced to migrate: JP Nadda

  19:51 (IST)

  02 NOV 2020

  How ’20 -30 lakh’ people were forced to migrate: JP Nadda Tejaswi’s job promise.

  On Monday, BJP president JP Nadda addressed Tejaswi Yadav’s promise of 10 lakh government jobs, saying, “25-30 lakh people have left Bihar during the last RJD government and it should respond first.”

Nitesh is being compared to Nitish. And Nitish is a person who talks hard ... and believes in good governance

  Speaking at a public meeting in Sitamarhi, the former Union Minister mentioned that he was reminding the people of the alleged mistakes made during the 15-year rule of the RJD because times may change but the nature of the party has not changed.  Tejaswi has promised to sign 10 lakh government jobs in his first cabinet meeting when his party comes to power.

  ‘Nowadays our Tejaswi Babu keeps saying that he will give 10 lakh jobs,’ Nadda said, and then lashed out, saying, ‘You have forced 25 lakh people to leave Bihar.  Who will answer?  ‘

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  18:57 (IST)

  02 NOV 2020

  Chirag Paswan: The LJP, in favor of a complete ban, should not sell liquor through smugglers in the name of a ban.

  On Monday, Lok Janshakti Party chief Chirag Paswan said no one in Bihar could say that the ban on alcohol had been fully implemented.  ‘All the media comrades in Delhi are mocking all the bans.  The LJP is in favor of a complete ban, but should not sell alcohol through smugglers in the name of a ban.  The next government will also investigate the matter.  ‘

Notable among the candidates is Tejaswi Yadav, the chief ministerial candidate of the RJD's opposition grand alliance,

  More than 1,200 candidates have been declared criminals in the Bihar polls: ADR

  More than 1,200 candidates have filed criminal cases against themselves in the Bihar polls, including 115 accused of crimes against women and 73 candidates facing murder charges, according to a report by the Poll Rights Group Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR).  .  Of the 3722 candidates analyzed in the Bihar Assembly elections, 1201 (32 per cent) candidates have declared criminal cases against themselves, the report said.  Of the 3,450 candidates analyzed in the 2015 Bihar Assembly elections, 1,038 (30 per cent) have declared criminal cases against themselves.

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  The report further said that 7926 (23 per cent) candidates in the 2015 Bihar Assembly elections had serious criminal cases against themselves.  Serious criminal cases are not bailable with five years imprisonment, the report said, adding that there are criminal cases against about 115 women candidates, including 12 accused in rape cases (Section 376 of the IPC).  (PTI)

  17:18 (IST)

  02 NOV 2020

  JP Nadda Interview: Tejaswi has become a tutor, can’t be distributed … People know there has been no change in RJD character

  “(At Tejaswi’s rally) It’s not a crowd. It’s committed to a special style of voters, who have been associated with them for 20 years. The same people, the same supporters … people know that the same thing will happen if they come again,” Nadda said.

  Nadda added, “Nitesh is being compared to Nitish. And Nitish is a person who talks hard … and believes in good governance. He doesn’t expect anything from Tejaswi either. People know that Tejaswi was in Delhi in full force.”

  15:06 (IST)

  02 NOV 2020

  Tejaswi, Nitish Kumar’s four ministerial candidates in the 2nd phase

  The stage will be decided for the second time and is immediately the most important of the three phases of the Bihar Assembly elections, where more than 2.85 crore voters cast their ballots on Tuesday to determine the fate of about 1,500 candidates.  Voting will take place in 94 assembly constituencies on November 3, with more than a third of the 243 strong rallies spread across 17 districts, three of which were – Patna, Bhagalpur and Nalanda – north of the Ganges.

  Notable among the candidates is Tejaswi Yadav, the chief ministerial candidate of the RJD’s opposition grand alliance, who is aggressively seeking cash against the opposition system against the Nitish Kumar government.

  The 31-year-old wants re-election from Raghopur in Vaishali district after he returned to his party from BJP’s Satish Kumar in 2015.  BJP leader Yadav’s mother Rabri Devi defeated the former chief minister in 2010.  The BJP retains confidence in Satish Kumar, hoping it will be able to repeat itself in 2010, when JD (U) president and chief minister Nitish Kumar was an NDA ally.

  Tejashwar’s elder brother Tej Pratap Yadav is fighting from Hasanpur in Samastipur district after shifting his base from Mahua in Vaishali

  14:30 (IST)

  02 NOV 2020

  In the seat represented by Lalu Prasad, the murder accused was once in the hands of Bikash

  Despite the Nitish Kumar-led NDA alliance’s efforts to maintain law and order during Lalu Prasad’s 15-year rule, the RJD-led Mahagathbandhan has so far sought to keep the campaign centered on development politics and has promised tens of millions of jobs to Tejaswi Yadav’s youth.  However, the Danapur contest – where BJP MLA Asha Devi Sinha, RJD’s Ritlal Yadav, among those accused of killing her husband Satyanarayana Sinha in 2003 – will fight the issue.

  Ritlal, who is accused of 33 counts of murder, attempted murder, extortion, and a provision in the Arms Act, was jailed in 2010 in a murder case.  He has been acquitted in eight of these cases and is out on bail.

Bihar Assembly elections, where more than 2.85 crore voters cast their ballots on Tuesday

  This time in her campaign, Sinha reminds people of her husband’s murder and asks them to vote for ‘peace’.  “I am just urging people to be aware of the peace process,” he said.  Although there are problems like waterlogging in this seat, the main concern is to restrain politicians like Ritlal.  In this election, I am fighting against my husband’s alleged killer, ”she told a rally in Danapur on October 31.

  13:47 (IST)

  02 NOV 2020

  ‘Where will they get jobs from’: Opposition Adityanath’s question

  UP CM Yogi Adityanath addressed a public meeting at Balmiki Nagar in West Champaran.  “Whether it is the Congress or the RJD, they only know how to deceive the people.  They are dividing the society on the basis of caste, region and religion.  They will never expect people to come together, ‘he said.  “Those who robbed young people of jobs for the benefit of their families, how are they now promising employment, where will they get this job from? When they were in power, they did not provide food for the poor, they even digested animal news. Animals, who say a word  Can’t, “he said.

  13:00 (IST)

  02 NOV 2020

  ‘Everyone is playing politics’: Chirag Paswan in Manji’s letter demanding probe into Ram Bilas Paswan’s death

  Chirag Paswan scolded Manji, saying he should be “ashamed” and “everyone is playing politics.”  “Those who are making such statements about the boy will be ashamed of themselves.  I told Manji Jit on the phone about my father’s serious condition, yet he never met my sick father.  The way Manji ji is talking about my father now, why didn’t he worry so much about him when he was admitted to the hospital ??? Everyone is now doing politics on a dead person, why doesn’t anyone bother to see him while he is alive?  He asked

  12:58 (IST)

  02 NOV 2020

  Jitan Ram Manjir demanded an investigation into the death of HAM Rom Bilas Paswan


Jitan Ram Manjir's Hindustani Awami Morcha (HAM) sent a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi

  On Monday, Jitan Ram Manjir’s Hindustani Awami Morcha (HAM) sent a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi demanding an inquiry into the death of Union Minister and Lok Janshakti Party (LJP) patron Ram Bilas Paswan.  In the letter, HAM raised various questions and mentioned the role of his son Chirag Paswan.  The letter said, “There are many suspicions about questioning his son Chirag Paswan

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