India is developing advanced nuclear-armed missiles to repel enemy attacks. 

India is Developed K-5 and K-6 series Missile ,Destroy Enemies
India is Developed K-5 and K-6 series Missile ,Destroy Enemies

 Defance Updates:

According to a report, DRDO will soon begin preparations to test the K5 and K6 missiles in its own technology, with a range of 5,000 and 6,000 kilometers.

  According to the information received, India will be one of the facilitators in the development of K-4 Mark to Missile missile with a range of 5000 to 8000 km.  DRDO scientists and engineers are working day and night to build this missile.

A Kalam series of missiles named K5 and K6.  India

   A Kalam series of missiles named K5 and K6.  India will soon start testing these missiles.  According to the news, the K5’s hit – capable of hitting 5000 kilometers.  The biggest feature of this missile is that the K5 missile is capable of carrying 1 ton of explosives.  In other words, these missiles are capable of dusting the whole of Pakistan

  The range of K6 will be more than 6000 kilometers.  The K6 Solid Fuel will be a MIRV capable missile.  It will be accompanied by a missile fire capable of turning into multiple missiles. The biggest strength of this missile is that it will be able to carry 2-3 tons of K-6 explosives i.e. K-5 double explosives.  It is considered to be the deadliest missile in the world.

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