The central government recently banned 59 Chinese applications, this time banning 47 Chinese applications. Including famous app PUBJI were monitor


The central government banning 47 Chinese applications Including famous app PUBJI were monitor
The central government banning 47 Chinese applications Including famous app PUBJI were monitor


New Delhi:– The central government recently banned 59 Chinese applications, this time banning 47 Chinese applications.
 The administration recently banned 47 Chinese applications despite 59 banned Chinese applications. The decision to boycott 47 Chinese applications came after a telecommunications ministry security survey. A total of 2,275 applications for potential breaches of national security and client protection were on the administration’s radar. 
Large applications, including PUBJI, were monitored on the movements of 255 applications that could soon be banned by the legislature.
 As indicated by various media reports, 47 banned Chinese applications were acting as clones of previously restricted applications. 
 The central government will soon release the names of 47 China applications.
 The move comes a month after the administration banned 59 Chinese applications, including Tikitok and WeChat. Reports.
Talks are also underway with the United States and Beijing, who are also deciding to shut down these Chinese apps.

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