Amit Sah Recently indicate in an interview about Precident Rule in Bengal,Dossier Submitted to the Precident Ramnath kovind

Precident Rule in West Bengal Assembly Election,Dossier Submitted to Ramnath kovind
Precident Rule in West Bengal Assembly Election,Dossier Submitted to Ramnath kovind

New Delhi:

United Home Minister Amit Shah recently declared that the president’s call for government in West Bengal was “fair” and sparked political accusations between Trinumul Congress and the BJP. However, a statement from the Presidential Secretariat to the Union Headquarters based on a petition filed by the union’s special constitutional officer in a remote location in Burdwan (east) last month emerged.

In an interview on Saturday, Shah said the situation in Bengal was so bad that it was “easy” for heads of state to call for presidential rule.

Several BJP leaders in Bengal, including the national vice president of the Mukul Roy party, member of parliament Babul Suprio, have repeatedly called for the immediate formation of a presidential government in Bengal.

BJP state leader Dilip Ghosh has yet to give his approval. Roy said today, “I thank Amit Shah for clarifying the presidency of Bengal.”

Responding to a proposal from Subhajit Dutta, a special constitutional official of the Indian Union, Subhajit Dutta called for “a swift declaration of a state of emergency with the implementation of the presidential administration in Bengal through the most effective and timely reference to Article 365″ in the Khandaghosh Bloc in Burdwan (East) JG Subramanian, The Assistant Secretary to the President of the Secretariat of India, said on 9 October, “Notices received by the Department of  Ministry of Home Affairs for appropriate attention (vide this Secretariat ID No: 5 (3) – CA (1)/2018, Vol, VI, dated 28.09.2020).” Further, Pawan Kumar Sain, Director with the Secretariat, later conveyed Dutta that the matter had been referred to Anuj Sharma, Joint Secretary (CS), MHA to take the necessary action.

Last week, Dutta received the latest status of a petition conducted by the Internal Dairy (No: 1876754/2020) and was being dealt by the Joint Secretary,  of the Liaison Office of Member States at the Ministry. 

The recent mention of the Shah confirming the request has now given meaning to Dutta’s petition. Dutta, who is currently in Delhi to help investigate the matter, told The Statesman: “I have given the complete file to the President of India, which includes a representation and attached copy of the document on 625 pages of the most relevant, correct and appropriate material. how Bengal repeatedly violated the set of continuous, essential, fundamental and vital guidelines laid down in the exercise of executive power by the Indian Union. “”

He claims that Bengal recently registered a number of cases involving gross violations of “fundamental rights (Articles 14 to 26)”, “the supremacy of the Constitution”, “separation of powers between legislators” and “social justice”. . So he asked, “This is a good excuse for the Bengal presidency.”

State Minister Panchayat and Rural Development Minister Subrata Mukardji told the statesman: “I don’t know if an official like that can scream for such an absurd request

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