A Bangladeshi man has been arrested by a Singapore security agency,His intention was to attack the Hindus of Bangladesh

Bangladeshi man arest by Singapore Security Agency
Bangladeshi man arest by Singapore Security Agency —Photo/HCAMAG.Com 

SINGAPORE: A Bangladeshi man has been arrested by a Singapore security agency for plotting to attack Hindus in his home country and fight in Kashmir, and is investigating 37 suspects in a crackdown on tight city-state security.  Following the recent terrorist attacks in Europe, the government issued a statement on Tuesday.

  The Interior Ministry said in a statement that anti-terrorism investigations into the suspicious activities of 37 people in the city had been conducted, most of them posted on social media, inciting violence or inciting community after the terror.  He cited the example of the invasion of France.  Of the 37, 14 are from Singapore and 23 are foreigners, mostly Bangladeshis, ministry sources said.

  “Of the 14 Singaporeans, 10 are men and four are women, ranging in age from 19 to 62.  Most of them have posted on social media the recent terrorist attacks in France that incited violence or created communal unrest, ”the ministry said.

  Of the 23 foreigners, 15 were deported, including 15 Bangladeshis and one Malaysian, the statement said.  Seven foreigners are still under investigation.

  A 26-year-old Bangladeshi under investigation – identified as Ahmed Faisal – has been detained under the Internal Security Act (ISA) following a “terrorism-related investigation”, the ministry said in a statement.  He even got weapons from him, claiming he would use them to attack Hindus in Bangladesh, adding that he was also willing to travel to Kashmir to fight “purified enemies of Islam”.

  A preliminary investigation by the Department of Homeland Security (ISD) revealed that Faisal was extremist and intended to “carry out armed violence in support of his religion,” Channel News Asia reported, citing a statement issued by the Interior Ministry (MHA).

  Faisal was employed as a construction worker in Singapore in early 2017.  He later became involved in terrorism

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