Breaking: Chandrababu’s secret video leake,Chandrababu Naidu provoked his cadres


Chandrababu Naidu secret video, Provoked his Caders
Chandrababu Naidu secret video, Provoked his Caders

Chandrababu Naidu provoked his cadres and party winners at the enlargement conference. He was caught red-handed because someone made his video go viral.

Chandrababu said, “If the police file a lawsuit against you, if you do something, file a lawsuit against them too. Don’t let them. Use technology. File as many lawsuits as you can. If they don’t accept the case, submit it online. You have to touch your feet. “To free them. I’ll do it all when I get back to power. “


మరోసారి బయటపడ్డ బాబు కుట్ర రాజకీయం ఇతనే బలిపశువు అయిపోయాడు ఇక కార్యకర్తలను అభిమానులను బలిపశువులను చేస్తున్నారు#ChandrababuNaidu #AndhraPradeshPolice #socialmedia

— ప్రజా శ్రేయస్సు కోసం జగన్ (@Syedkha49400720) December 16, 2020

LNWH has not verified the authenticity of the video

Chandrababu set fire to the staff in an antisocial manner by attacking police while he was doing his job. He advised them to insult them.

He added that he would punish any legally protected police officer if he returned to power.

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