The Australian government has unveiled plans to force online media outlets like Google and Facebook to pay money for news outlets for their content.


The Australian government trying to impose act to Google and Facebook ,paying money to the news outlets for  their content
The Australian government trying to impose act to Google and Facebook ,paying money to the news outlets for  their content


International Australia – The Australian government has unveiled plans to force online media outlets google and Facebook paying money  to the news outlets for producing news 

Treasurer Josh Friedenberg said the “world-leading” draft code of conduct was geared toward giving publishers a “level playing field to make sure a fair ride.”
This year many newsletters have closed or closed jobs in profit.
Facebook and Google, two of the most important tech giants, have strongly opposed the proposal, saying they might even pull out of the Australian news market.
The proposal is being drafted by Australia’s competition regulator and can be debated by Parliament, Mr Friedenberg said.
He said it might impose “substantial fines” of several million dollars on technology companies if it complied.
What’s within the draft code?

  • The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s draft has called on technology companies to acquire the content, although no definite price has been set.
  • News organizations have to negotiate pricing as a blockchain with the technology giants for displaying their news search results.
  • If negotiations fail, the matter are often mediated through the Australian Communications and Media Authority.
  • The draft code emphasizes other issues, like informing news agencies of changes to the algorithm.
  • Penalty violations can range from A $ 10m (£ 5m; $ 7m) or up to 10% on the company’s local turnover.
  • The code initially focuses on Google and Facebook, but is also incorporated into other technology companies within the future, Trader said.
Explanation or argument

Mr Friedenberg said: “With these changes, the Australian media landscape are at no less risk than within the future.”
“Today’s draft law are justified by drawing the eye of the many regulatory bodies and various governments around the world,” he said.
Australia’s largest media outlets have strongly opposed the proposal.
Michael Miller, executive chairman of news Corporation Australia, said on Friday it had been a “binding” attempt by technology companies to finish “free-riding”.
Mel Silva, Google’s local administrator, said the company was deeply disappointed and argued that the move would discourage innovation.
“Heavy hand intervention by the Australian Government will hamper the digital economy and affect the services we are able to provide to Australians,” he said.
Facebook has previously suggested that Australian News may be aloof from its platform.
The most recent update

Mr Friedenberg said the code of conduct would have a one-month period after “August” before it absolutely was discussed in parliament.
Once the law is passed, the code are designed to be reviewed for one year later.

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