This time the CBI is investigating the coal smuggling by setting up a camp at Ground Zero at West Bengal

Coal mine investigation West Bengal,CBI Setting up camp
Coal mine investigation West Bengal,CBI Setting up camp

West Bengal:

 Initially these three camps will be opened near Asansol, Durgapur and Raniganj mining areas.  This area is the ‘Kingdom of Lala’.

 The CBI is going to change the nature of the investigation into the coal smuggling case.  Not sitting in Kolkata, the CBI will camp properly in the mining area, in the process of carrying out the investigation of the CBI.  Sources said that investigations will be started not only in West Burdwan but also in larger areas this time.  In the mining areas of Asansol, Durgapur and Raniganj.  Initially these three camps will be opened.  This area was the site of the ‘Lala Empire’.

 The anti-corruption wing of the CBI is investigating the theft of coal by Panda Anup Maji alias Lala of the coal smuggling ring.  Detectives think that it is not possible to sit in Calcutta and investigate to get to the roots of this empire.  Therefore, the CBI wants to speed up the investigation by sending the officers of the anti-corruption branch to ‘Ground Zero’.  That’s right, three teams will be formed and sent to those three places to investigate the camp.  A senior CBI official said, “For now, three camps will be set up.  In Asansol, Durgapur and Ranigang

 According to CBI sources, the investigation into the corruption has already named several ECL officials.  Several CISF and railway officials were also involved in the scam, who allegedly helped Lala directly and indirectly.  So the detectives want to go to the area to investigate the corruption in the coal mines.

  In other words, the camp is being prepared to know everything from the process of coal mining to distribution and how the coal mafias are working there.

 Another reason for the CBI camp in the mining area has also come to light.  In addition to investigating corruption, the team will also monitor every coal mine in the area.  Another CBI official said, “Apart from the investigation, a special team will monitor the coal mine from the camp.”

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