US Precidencial Election Biden and Donald Trump fight in each other’s own provinces but Joe Biden ahead

US Precidencial Election Joe Biden want 6 votes are needed to get the magic figure
US Precidencial Election Joe Biden want 6 votes are needed to get the magic figure
US Election Updates:

Democratic candidate Joe Biden and his descendant, Senator Orange Harris, are getting stronger and stronger as Michigan and Wisconsin win important battlefield states and win Thursday’s U.S. presidential election.

  Biden’s magic requires six more votes to touch the 270 magic figure because he has 264 electoral votes at the moment, with Donald Trump behind him in 214 electoral votes even the final result depends on a handful of states.

  According to the latest report, Nevada also has its edge, which will give it the support of six more votes to end the contest at the White House, but the results are unlikely to come until the weekend.

  Beadon has either won or will lead in Minnesota, New Hampshire and Arizona, while Trump has won or will lead in Florida, Iowa, Ohio, Texas, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Georgia.

  In the closely contested presidential election, Republican U.S. President Donald Trump and his Democratic opponent Joe Biden failed to garner 270 electoral college votes, but Biden’s chances are even brighter after the latest developments.

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