Kolkata’s tradition of double-decker busess has been taken over by Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, who is in charge of the management of the West Bengal Tourism Development Corporation.

Double Decker Bus Service,Starting by West Bengal Tourism Department, Inspired by Mamata Banerjee
Double Decker Bus Service,Starting by West Bengal Tourism Department, Inspired by Mamata Banerjee


Nostalgia is back in Kolkata, on the way you will see the old tradition, you will walk again, there will be a double decker bus.  The double-decker bus was officially handed over in 2005.  As such, after a decade and a half, the rush of double-decker buses will be seen again in the city streets in its glory.  But not for public transport, double-decker buses are returning to attract tourists in a more attractive way.  In a whole new look, in a new love.

  Old Kolkata’s “Kanakani” relationship with the double-decker bus had long since faded in the city streets.  Conversations with the two-story veranda gradually waned in 2009.  Gradually, due to various reasons, the relationship of the two-storey bus with the city was severed for almost eight decades.

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 But “Tilottama” did not want to forget the pulse with the red double-decker bus.  Today, those who remember Durga Pujo, who is under house arrest in Puja, are reminiscing about their childhood, someone’s childhood, someone’s youth.  Raising their faces through the high windows of the bus, the golden past of “Durga-Darshan” will rise again in the pages of reality.  However, the details of where the bus will leave and where it will go have not been announced yet.

 But for sure, before the puja, the state government has aroused various emotions surrounding the big surprise double-decker bus.  Tomorrow, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee will inaugurate two buses from Navanna on Tuesday.  But that Royal Bengal Tiger is no longer red, the double-decker bus is returning in bright colors like the sky.  Sophisticated outfit, covered in blue-white leather.  Not public transport, but a double-decker bus with a hood is coming to Kolkata to tour in the form of a London City Tour.

 At the same time, keeping pace with the times, the state-of-the-art buses have CCTV, panic buttons, automatic doors and destination boards.  The old double-decker bus had two doors – one downstairs and one upstairs.  This time there will be only one door.  There is a staircase inside the bus.  Total seats are 51 seats, of which 17 are on the second floor.  The new bus of Bharat Stage Four tribe has been built by Bebco, a company based in Jamshedpur.  The bus has been cleared by the Central Government’s Central Institute of Road Transport.  The two buses cost Rs 90 lakh.

 The two buses were purchased with the financial support of the West Bengal Transport Corporation.  In March, Bebco handed over the bus to the two corporations after receiving clearance from the center.  At that time, there were two bus services in New Town for tourists.  Buses were parked at the corporation’s depot at Lockdown.  Recently, Navanna decided that the West Bengal Tourism Development Corporation, not the Transport Corporation, would take over the management of the bus.  Similarly, the burden was shifted from the corporation to the bus tourism development corporation.  They will do the maintenance.  The corporation will provide only drivers and conductors.  Since then, a pair of double-decker buses have been in the Salt Lake Tourism Development Corporation’s garage.

 The Tourism Development Corporation has not yet decided on the route of the bus to Pujo.  Gautam Dev, chairman and minister at the corporation, said, “After the inauguration of the chief minister on Tuesday, I will give you all the information on fares and where bookings will start from. I also wanted a tram to make Kolkata more attractive to tourists.

These buses run in December, January or on special occasions in Rajarhat, Newtown.

 The first double-decker bus in Calcutta was named in 1926.  He left Kalighat for Shyambazar.  Very quickly it gained popularity.  Gradually, the Bengalis moved from one to the second floor.  This two-storied bus, which is one of the traditions of Kolkata, is involved in the transport of the city.  It also carries one of the city’s identities.

 After independence, the Calcutta State Transport Corporation (CSTC) was formed to provide state government transport services.  They are in charge of the double decker bus.  The excitement of boarding the red double-decker bus with the CSTC logo with the Royal Bengal tiger’s face was different.  And there is no end to the excitement of finding a place to sit on the second floor

 The last time CSTC purchased 295 double-decker buses was in 1985.  After that, double decker buses were not bought.  However, since 1990, double-decker buses on various routes have been declining.  It is said that the huge cost of oil.  In 2005, the CSTC decided not to run double-decker buses.  Starts scrap sales.  The nostalgia of the city is a place of remembrance.  However, the color of the skin has been changed.  From red to blue-white coating.  Occasionally, an elderly bus is driven to the New Town, Salt Lake area.

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