Body of beheaded businessman dumped in Rajdhani Express near Gujarat in suitcase

The decapitated body of the businessman was packed in a suitcase and dumped on the Rajdhani Express near Gujarat.
The decapitated body of the businessman was packed in a suitcase and dumped on the Rajdhani Express near Gujarat.

New Delhi:

A 46-year-old businessman who had an affair with a woman was beaten, stabbed and y by his fiance.  According to police sources, the killer took the body in a suitcase on the Rajdhani Express and dumped it on the way to Gujrat near Bhuruch.

  The deceased was identified as Niraj Gupta, a resident of Model Town in north-west Delhi.  The main accused Mohammad Zubair (28), his fianc  Faizal (29) and his mother Shaheen Naz (45) have been arrested.  DCP (North-West) Vijayant Arya said the incident took place on the night of November 13.  A friend of Gupta made his missing diary on November 14 after he did not return to his country.  During the investigation, call records and Gupta’s location were searched, but he could not be traced.


  Gupta’s wife Faizal was later identified as a suspect and police filed a kidnapping charge because her husband had been in a relationship for several years.  He said the woman was an employee of Gupta.  After a long interrogation of Faizal, he continued to speak incoherently, revealing that he had worked in Gupta’s office in Karachi and had been in a relationship with him for about ten years.


  Gupta did not marry as he was not ready to leave his wife and family.  Meanwhile, Faisal got involved with Zubair after pressure from his family.  “When he told Gupta about this, he refused to marry Zubair.  There was a heated argument between the two, ”said a senior police official.


  During the argument, Jubayer got angry and hit Gupta on the head with a brick.  He later stabbed Gupta three times in the abdomen and eventually beheaded him.  The three then planned to dispose of the body.  ”


  “They packed the body in a suitcase, rented an apps taxi and took the body to Nizamuddin railway station.  From there, the railway pantry workers left for Gujrat on the Jubayer Rajdhani Express.  On the way, he threw a suitcase full of corpses near Bhuruch, ”the police official said.

  DCP Arya said, “Three accused have been arrested.  Knives and bricks used in the crime have been recovered.  Attempts are being made to rescue Gupta’s body.  ”

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