It took a year! What was the monster truck that reached Kerala from Maharashtra ??? What special goods were being transported ???

Space research machinery carried a monster truck that reached Kerala from Maharashtra
Space research machinery carried a monster truck that reached Kerala from Maharashtra 
Nasik Maharashtra:- The truck might have reached Thiruvananthapuram a month ago But the truck was stuck in Andhra Pradesh for about a month due to lockdown.
Thiruvananthapuram It  takes 5 to 7 days to reach Thiruvananthapuram by truck from Nasik in Maharashtra to Kerala. But so say one year? Yes, a 64-wheeler truck from Nashik, Maharashtra, reached Thiruvananthapuram on Saturday, covering a distance of about 1,700 km, exactly one year later.

The Monstar with Spacea machinery
and Worker
The truck finally reached Thiruvananthapuram on Saturday after crossing four states. The truck had to be brought at a very slow speed with safety and security So that there is no damage to the device In addition to the police escort, special arrangements have to be made by the administration of the state through which the truck came. Other vehicles had to slow down, repair bad roads, remove tree branches and electricity poles, and relocate the huge truck.

After a journey of 1 year & travelling across 4 states, the truck carrying a giant machine for a space project arrived at Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre (VSSC) in Thiruvananthapuram.

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The truck had a 6 tonne device for the Vikram Sarabhai space station The truck left Nasik in Maharashtra in July 2019, according to ANI.

Space research machinery carried  truck that reached Kerala from Maharashtra
The truck might have reached Thiruvananthapuram a month ago But the truck has been parked in Andhra Pradesh for about a month for lockdown.
Special description of the device
The truck was accompanied by a team of thirty engineers and workers They kept a watchful eye on the whole journey so that the instrument would be in order The device in the truck was 8.5 meters high and 6 meters wide The chassis or rear of the truck, which was capable of carrying this huge weight and volume, was also huge. Somewhere the truck came across the whole road, in many places the road had to be widened by cutting down trees The administration had to use special iron girders to increase the capacity of the bridge in two places
According to Vikram Sarabhai, an official at the space center, the device, which has been brought by truck, will be used to make various spacecraft and important space research equipment. This device is supposed to start using after one month

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