Bollywood actress Sonu Sood make” Mashiha ” for the Migrent Worker

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 I am talking to the Chief Minister of one state after another in the lockdown. Arranging buses. Bollywood actor Sonu Sood is thus arranging for the return of migrant workers to the country. So netizens are describing Sonu as a ‘savior’ of migrant workers. In the midst of the lockdown, the Bollywood actor has started putting smiles on the faces of helpless people during this huge activity. That is why the immigrant couple named the newborn “Sanu Sud Srivastava” to express their love for Sonu.


Sonu Sood is  arranging for the return of migrant workers

Sonu Sood is  arranging for the return of migrant workers 

Sonu Sood has won the hearts of many with her selfless and kind hearted performance. He left no stone unturned in helping migrant workers reach their cities during the nationwide lockdown. Arranging buses, shelters for workers and walking one mile for workers’ respect. At the very least, Sonu said he knows the struggles of immigrants because he is reminded of his first days in town.

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     May 29, Friday

After helping the migrants, Sonu now wants to take her efforts one step further. In a nationwide lockdown, he managed to bring back 177 girls stranded in Ernakulam, Kerala. These girls worked as seamstresses in a local factory and were also stuck after the factory closed due to Covid _ 19


Sonu Sood back177 girls stranded in Ernakulam

 Sonu Sood back 177 girls stranded in Ernakulam

Pic Cursty :-  India Times

According to a source close to the actor, “Sonu, a close friend of Bhubaneswar, was told the same thing and decided to take charge and try his best for the girls. He met all the rules at Kochi and Bhubaneswar airports. A special flight was called from Bangalore to transport the girls from Kochi who will now be flown to Bhubaneswar so that they can finally be reunited with their families. It will take them 2 hours to reach their village from Bhubaneswar and they will return home soon after completing their journey. ”

In a recent media interview, Sonu revealed a number of issues. He said that when a migrant worker woman gives birth to a child, her parents name her Sonu Sud Srivastava when naming the newborn. They are also Srivastava, then the way to use his title! In response to Sonu’s question, the lady said that she wanted to name their child “Sanur”, which is why the newborn was named Sonu Sud Srivastava.
Sonu Sud has already launched a helpline number for migrant workers. Many of the migrant workers call this number and are arranged to go to their state knowing all the information about how many of them are in the group. This is why Sonu Sood said that his workers started getting phone calls and messages from migrant workers one after another.
Sonu Sood has given it to BMC to introduce short-term separate arrangements at its hotel in Mumbai as well as to deliver migrant workers home. Similarly, a separate center has also been opened there.

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