Joe Biden speaks at a drive-in campaign rally in Bristol, Pennsylvania


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Joe Biden addressed the crowd at a drive-in rally Saturday at the Lower Box Campus of Box County Community College in Bristol Township.
Joe Biden addressed the crowd at a drive-in rally-Photo-Marianne Callahan / Photojournalist
Joe Biden addressed the crowd at a drive-in rally-Photo-Marianne Callahan / Photojournalist

  Joe Biden ran his preaching episode in the Lower Box on Saturday morning, giving an extensive lecture.  Which also mentions President Trump’s strong campaign against the COVID epidemic response and the economy, breakdown and healthcare.
Joe and Jill Biden take the stage.   Credit-Marianne Callahan / Photojournalist
Joe and Jill Biden take the stage.
  Credit-Marianne Callahan / Photojournalist

  A native of Scranton, Biden highlights his Pennsylvania roots and jokes that he is better known as “Jill Biden’s husband” in Box County.  Jill Biden hails from Willow Grove in nearby Montgomery County.
  “It’s time to think, folks,” he said.  “We have ten days left. It could come down to Pennsylvania. And I believe you. I believe in my kingdom.”
   Crowds gathered this morning on Box County Community College’s Lower Box Campus on Route 413 in Bristol Township to begin the campaign and take part in a drive-in rally.
  Social distance was taken into account during the campaign, the event was supposed to include dozens of vehicles
 The event was held in the huge parking lot of the campus and the participants were mostly in their cars, the rally was held in Philadelphia earlier this week like President Barack Obama.
  Republican Jim Greenwood, who represented Box County in Congress, backed Joe Biden at a rally Saturday in Bristol Township.
  Biden also drove into town hall while stamping for the vote this fall.
  Traffic and road restrictions were imposed on Saturday morning in the area, which includes the interchange near the Bristol departure of Interstate 95.
  Joe Biden followed his wife on stage at 11:40 a.m., whose own speech was heavy on reading and teachers were called to the public meeting.  The former vice-president was introduced by Neshamini School District Teachers and Tara Hubar, President of the District Teachers Union.
  “It’s the choice of our lives,” Huber said.  “The profession we love is on our career line. The future of public education is on the line. Our family’s health and safety and well-being are also on this line.”
 In a speech of just over 20 minutes, Biden responded to Trump about the covid-19 epidemic and said, “Don’t change our path if the dark cold days ahead are going to be this winter.”
  “Yesterday when he was telling us everything was fine, we have received the highest number of 85,000 new cases in a single day since the epidemic started,” he said.  “During the debate on Thursday night, Donald Trump said and still continues to say, ‘We’re turning the corner. It’s constantly going away. We’re learning to live with it.’  We’re trying to figure out how to live with it. You’re learning how to die with it. “
  The former vice president also spoke in support of the unions, saying middle-class taxes would not be raised but corporations would have to “pay their fair share”, and President Trump had agreed in the agreement that he would ban breakups.
  “I’m not banning fracking in Pennsylvania or anywhere else,” Biden said.  “I can save the Pennsylvania job, the duration.”
  Before Biden took the stage, former U.S. Republican Jim Greenwood, who supported Biden, also spoke and helped introduce congressional candidate Christina Finello.
 She told voters to send the fifth Democratic woman to Congress, citing the four women she elected in 2018 to southeastern Pennsylvania.  He is in fierce competition with Brian Fitzpatrick, a GOP in the first congressional district, across Box County.
  The campaign directed Democrat-controlled locations such as the suburbs of Philadelphia, as well as others, such as Lucerne County on the battlefield in Pennsylvania, where President Barack Obama visited in 2012, but was sworn in in 2016 by President Donald Trump.
  On Friday, Box County Democratic Party Chairman John Cordisco said, “Everyone’s eyes are here.  “I think it underscores the significance of Box County.
  “If you win Box County, he has a high chance of getting the state of Pennsylvania, and if you take Pennsylvania, his chances of becoming the next president will increase.”
  “Stopping this in just a few weeks will really energize our people.”
  Joe Biden will stump the box on Saturday, with Trump delaying a visit here until next week.
  Sources close to the organization of the event said that his visit has been shifted to Saturday, October 31 instead of Monday as per the original plan.
  Although the presidential re-election campaign has not been officially confirmed by Trump’s box tour, the campaign is planned at the Pennsylvania stop until Nov. 3, and officials are working to determine the logistics.
  The campaign announced Friday that Trump will campaign in Blair and Lancaster County on Monday.
  The initial plan called for Trump to be present at Penridge Airport was an appeal to voters in the main battlefield state to hold a rally.  A representative of the local RNC confirmed the planned trip to the airport at 1100 Ridge Road in East Rockhill.

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