New laws are passed, If allegations of rape are identified, Masculinity will be destroyed

Imran Khan approves new law to destroy rapist's masculinity
Imran Khan approves new law to destroy rapist’s masculinity

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 Pakisthan: Masculinity will be taken away from the body of rapists.  More severe punishment may be given.  New laws are going to be made in Pakistan with new thinking.  The administration should also pay attention to speedy trial of sexual harassment cases.  Chemical castration will be done if the rapist is identified.  The law ministry submitted the draft to the Union Cabinet to stop the oppression of women in Pakistan.

 Prime Minister Imran Khan has approved the proposal.  According to local news sources, female police will be deployed to deal with rape cases quickly.  New laws against rape are being drafted.  There will be no ambiguity in that law.  The name and identity of the rapist will be kept secret.


 After identifying the rapist, a special type of chemical will be injected into his body.  In a few hours, his manhood will be lost.  This chemical castration law is now just waiting to be introduced in Parliament.


 Incidentally, the whole country was outraged by the gang rape of a 7-year-old girl and a young woman.  There was huge public outrage in Pakistan.  According to the survey, one woman is raped every hour in Pakistan.  Since then, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has been adamant in his decision to tighten the judiciary to prevent sexual harassment in Pakistan.

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