Is the Legislative Assembly Election in Bengal under the President’s rule ???  At Amit’s gesture, the speculation culminated

Home Minister Amit Shah on a private TV channel judged the law and order situation in West Bengal and called for a vote in the President's rule
Home Minister Amit Shah on a private TV channel judged the law and order situation in West Bengal and called for a vote in the President’s rule.- File image

New Delhi: BJP leaders have been demanding the imposition of presidential rule in Bengal for a long time.  Amit Shah agrees with their demands.  On an all-India channel, the Union Home Minister said, “The BJP leaders’ demand for the imposition of presidential rule is not inconsistent.”

 On this day, Amit targeted the Trinamool government over law and order and corruption in the state.  He said, “Law and order is disturbed in Bengal.  Amfan spoke of corruption related to grants after the storm.  Grain sent from the center did not reach.  Adequate arrangements that should have been made for Corona were not made.  Corruption has reached its peak. “He added,” There is no rule of law in Bengal.  Bomb-making factories are being set up in the districts.  Infiltration is increasing.  The situation is very bad.  Opponents are being killed and false charges are being filed.  There is no other state in India like this.  If Kerala had done this at one time.  The situation is under control there too.

 BJP has no face in Bengal.  Will success come?  The Union Home Minister Amit Sah has hinted that the BJP will contest the elections in the face of Narendra Modi.  In his words, “Bengal must change.  He said that the state would change under the leadership of Narendra Modi.  There will definitely be faces.  But now the priority is to remove the grassroots.

 From Babul Supriya to Kailash Vijayavargiya – BJP leaders have demanded presidential rule in Bengal.  What does Amit Shah think?  According to the Home Minister, the situation in Bengal is serious.  The BJP leadership’s demand for presidential rule is reasonable.  However, the Government of India will take a decision in accordance with the Constitution on the recommendation of the Governor.  The demands of the BJP leaders are not unreasonable.

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