The Modi government is going to bring a new pollution rule on vehicles polluting the roads of India

Polution Rule Implimented in India by Modi Gov
New Polution Rule Implimented in India by Modi Gov


Pollution levels are rising rapidly in almost all states of India.  With this, the problems related to breathing are also increasing among the people.  The Modi government is going to take a big decision to solve this problem.  This decision will soon be implemented across the country.  According to the information received, the Modi government has said that the registration certificate (RC) of vehicles that cause smoke and pollution from the road will be revoked.  The owners of these cars will also be fined Rs 10,000.


  Therefore, before this time expires, you must have your vehicle tested by a pollution test center.  According to the report, the Modi government has said that the entire process of pollution investigation will be conducted online.  In such a situation, no person can produce fake pollution certificates.  If he is caught doing so, legal action will be taken against him. In your online system, the National Motor Vehicle Registrar’s database contains complete information about pollution test centers, pollution certificates, vehicle owners and vehicles.  So you must make the right contamination of your vehicle

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