The India-China  dispute is not over yet. Meanwhile, five raffles left the  border due to China’s concern


Five raffle tickets were sent to India from France in the India-China dispute.
Five raffle tickets were sent to India from France in the India-China dispute.  


Own report :Indo-Chinaconflicton the outskirts of Ladakh isnot over yet. Meanwhile, fiveraffleslefttheborderdue to China’s concern. To further strengthen the Indian Air Force, five incredible fighter jets will be displayed at Ambala, Haryana on 29 July.
 As per the agreement between India and France in 2016 , 36 war planes will come to India. The first 5 of these. The pilots left for India after meeting the Indian Ambassador in France. The planes will be re-fueled by a French Airbus in the United Arab Emirates. All the pilots have been greeted by the Indian Embassy in France. Aircraft can carry rocket stocks. Including air-to-air and scalp cruise missiles.

‘Rafale deal will bring oxygen to Indian Air Force’ : Parrikar
It’s in few hours that Rafales will land in India, but let’s not forget the Man behind this deal whose contribution to make the Indian Armed Forces a modernised, lean and mean fighting machine is unparalleled.#Rafale

— Amey 🇮🇳 (@amey_goa) July 27, 2020

 The raffle will have various enhancements.  Rafael will be associated with Israel’s main guard mount presentation, radar alert administration and much more. A month ago, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh spoke to Florence Parley of Fr. on telephone.


😍 swagatam ata swagatam

— Smita Prakash (@smitaprakash) July 29, 2020

Twwter video: Rafael flying in the sky 

Before the Lok Sabha elections, there was a big debate on the voting agenda. In the Congress , Rahul Gandhi was on the verge of winning the Euro vote on Rafale’s flight  . Rahul Gandhi made several allegations of corruption in the Rafale deal. He Anil Ambani bidding by confusing the accused and made to stand on the fence to him. The raffle controversy also revolves around the Supreme Court . However, after the Lok Sabha elections, the Congress was not seen to raise questions that way.

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