Prime Minister Boris Johnson is addressing this year’s virtual Conservative Party conference.

Mr Borish Johnson is set to pledge that offshore wind will produce enough electricity to power every home in the UK by 2030 — as he unveils a renewable energy policy that he claims will make Britain “the Saudi Arabia of wind.”
According to several British media outlets, Borish Johnson will announce the launch of the Green Building Plan, including a pledge to have wind energy for every home in the UK by 2030.
– Rishi Sunak, Chancellor of the Exchequer, has been rated as the best-performing member of the UK government by members of the Conservatives, while Johnson is ranked last, according to a poll released this weekend.
– In his own speech at a party conference on Monday, Sunak pointed out that although tax increases have been temporarily postponed due to the coronavirus crisis, it is necessary to balance the government budget in the future. “We have a sacred responsibility to future generations to keep public finances strong (…). I never pretend that there are simple answers that are simple. Hard choices are everywhere,” he said.
– The Opposition Labor Party, now led by Keira Starmer, outperformed the ruling Conservative Party in their intention of becoming prime minister for the first time since Borish Johnson in the summer of 2019, according to the latest polls.
– The UK is expected to show signs of slowing in August after strong rallies in June and July and, according to analysts, has the prospect of unemployment doubling by the end of the year following the end of the jobs support program.

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