Millions of people live in earthquake-prone areas during the daily earthquakes around the world. Android now brings a new, reliable system alert everyone by sending pre alert to your phone


Earthquake detaction app Google Android,devolped With Shake Alert
Earthquake detaction app Google Android,devolped With Shake Alert

earthquake detection with your Android phone , Google announced Earthquake app now on Android

Technology – The first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word earthquake is panic.  Millions of people live in earthquake-prone areas during the daily earthquakes around the world.  An early warning and caution that can help warn people to go to a safe place before danger.


 However, it is costly to build and deploy infrastructure that can alert and protect everyone from earthquakesAndroid now brings a new, reliable system that can send people a few seconds warning message to protect them and their loved ones using timely, helpful earthquake information.

 How to use and its details

  Sending Earthquake Alerts to Android Devices at Center in California


#ShakeAlert welcomes @Android to a family of over 60 alert delivery partners who are developing creative and innovative approaches to using USGS-issued ShakeAlert Messages to keep people safe. The commitment and dedication of all of our partners is inspiring! @Cal_OES

— USGS ShakeAlert (@USGS_ShakeAlert) August 12, 2020

  First, powered by Shake Alert with the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) and the California Governor’s Emergency Emergency (Cal OIS), we collaborated to send earthquake warnings directly to Android devices in California. Google search connect whole proccidure.


Find out how @Android is testing the delivery of EEW alerts in California that are Powered by #ShakeAlert. Working with partners at @Cal_OES and 60+ partners across the West Coast, we are doing everything we can to keep people safe.

— USGS ShakeAlert (@USGS_ShakeAlert) August 11, 2020

  The shake alert system, developed by the country’s top seismologists, will use signals from more than 700 seismometers installed across the state by USGS, Cal OS, the University of California, Berkeley, and the California Institute of Technology.  A few seconds alert will send you a vibration alert.

  The world’s largest earthquake detection network is being built

  An earthquake ground or base network will be established in California.  The Android platform will be used to help detect earthquakes, making them possible to be used everywhere in earthquake-affected areas around the world.

  From today, no matter where you are in the world with your Android phone, you will receive a signal to be protected by the Android Earthquake Alert System.  This means that your Android phone can be a mini seismometer.

  All smartphones have tiny accelerometers that sense signals that indicate an earthquake could occur.  If the phone detects something that suggests that it may be an earthquake, it will send that data to the earthquake detection server.


  The server then collects data from several phones to determine if an earthquake is occurring.  In a few nanoseconds that information will reach different phones

   This work has been done with world renowned seismology and disaster experts Dr. Richard Allen, Dr. Kinkai Kong and Dr. Lucy Jones to identify earthquakes around the world.


Happy Monday! It looks like we’ve had an earthquake near Bombay Beach, CA this morning and an alert was distributed. Did you get an alert? Here is the post alert summary on this earthquake:

— USGS ShakeAlert (@USGS_ShakeAlert) August 10, 2020

  We are launching an earthquake alert in California because we already have a great earthquake-based system.  In the coming days, you will be able to use earthquake detection with your Android phone to use earthquake warnings in more states and countries.

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