SEOul: South Korea’s first military communications satellite private operator has successfully launched SpaceX, Seoul said on Tuesday, as it aims to increase its defense capabilities.


Anasis-II military communications satellite Launch South Korea With SpaceX
Anasis-II military communications satellite Launch South Korea With SpaceX
Image credit:-SpaceX
 South Korea aims to increase its military might to defend itself launched first military communications satellite private operator has successfully  SpaceX

The Anasis-II military communications satellite for South Korea   shipped from Airbus' clean room in Toulouse
The Anasis-II military communications satellite for South Korea 
 shipped from Airbus’ clean room in Toulouse, France to Cape Canaveral, Florida for launch
Image credit:-SpaceX

ANAIS-2 was intended to enhance the South’s ability to defend itself against the invading nuclear-armed North in the 1950s.
A rocket falcon 9 launch spacex 
carrying a the satellite exploded at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida, Seoul’s Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA) said in a statement.
SpaceX specified the deployment of the satellite about 32 minutes after the lift-off on Monday afternoon, local time.

Falcon9 Rocket First Stage Landing

 Just on the top of the mark as per calculation     

The launch was made as a permanent military means of communication.
The DAPA said the launch made South Korea the tenth country in the world to own a military-only communications satellite. 
Video Credited:-SpaceX
The satellite will reach an orbit of 366,000 kilometers in two weeks, and the South Korean military is expected to take the test in October.
The Anasis-II military communications satellite Present Situation
Seoul is looking to increase its military capabilities as they end a system under which, if war breaks out, American commanders will be able to dominate their combined forces.
The satellite “hoped to increase the independent operational capabilities of the South Korean military”, 
Seoul and Washington are security allies and U.S. stations have 28,500 troops in the country.
But their relationship has narrowed in recent years, with Pyongyang triggered by differences in their outlook, and more on the responsibility of sharing expenses.

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