Suvendu Adhikari coming to assembly to sort out his resignation issue

BJP leader Shuvendu Adhikari came to the assembly on Monday
BJP leader Shuvendu Adhikari came to the assembly on Monday

 Shuvendu reached the Speaker as promised in the resignation debate, will also go to Raj Bhavan


 BJP leader Shuvendu Adhikari came to the assembly on Monday and met the speaker to resolve the ‘procedural complexities’ created by his resignation as MLA.  After that he will go to Raj Bhavan to meet Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar.  Coincidentally, Shuvendu took over central security on Monday.  That ‘Z’ category of security was already assigned to him.  He was accompanied by three armed guards in a bulletproof vehicle and armed security guards in front of his house.  This is Shuvendu’s first visit to the city with security after joining the BJP last Saturday.

 Speaker Biman Banerjee said last Friday that Shuvendu’s handwritten resignation did not have a date.  Besides, he did not submit his resignation even though he came in person.  Which is unconventional.  As a result, he is not accepting the resignation.

  Shuvendu is still a Trinamool MLA in his constituency.  He asked Shuvendu to come to the assembly on Monday and submit his resignation again.  Sources close to Shuvendu said on the same day that he would come to the assembly on Monday at the call of the speaker.  It was written only in Anandabazar Digital.  As it turns out, nothing else is happening.  In fact, Shuvendu is so keen to talk about it that he has even postponed his proposed visit to Delhi.

 Shuvendu reached the assembly at 2 pm on Monday.  He was supposed to meet the speaker at that time.  Subhendu also sent a resignation letter to the Speaker while submitting the handwritten resignation letter.  But the rule of the legislature is that at the time of resignation, the concerned MLA or MP has to come in person and sign the resignation letter to the Speaker or Chairman (in the case of Rajya Sabha, the upper house of Parliament).  Otherwise it will not be considered ‘valid’.  The same thing happened with Shuvendu.  Because the Speaker was not present in the Assembly on that day, he went to the Secretariat of the Speaker and submitted his resignation.  However, he had received a copy of the resignation letter.  As a result, there was no complication in his resignation in principle.  Whatever it was, it was absolutely ‘systematic’.  Shuvendu will have to come to the solution.  News that he is coming.

 After meeting the speaker, Governor Dhankhar tweeted in the morning that Shuvendu was going to Raj Bhavan.  There is also a history of that meeting.  Shuvendu wrote a letter to the Governor on the day of his resignation from the MLA post.  He said that after changing his political position, the state police administration had initiated criminal cases against him and his followers “out of political revenge”.  As the ‘constitutional head’ of the state, the governor should intervene in the matter.  After receiving Shuvendu’s letter, the Governor quickly wrote a letter to Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee requesting him to take action on the matter.  As a result, curiosity and interest has been created in the Governor-Shuvendu meeting on Monday.

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