There are oily substances in the streets of Delhi !  Scooties, bike wheels slide on the climbing road

Oily substances on Delhi polluted roads
Oily substances on Delhi polluted roads

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 The wind is not blowing in Delhi, nature is sultry.  He is angry with the common man. Another Delhi saw the people of the city, that is, the people of India, which is also discussed in the World Environment Department.  The capital of the troubled country.  The Corona situation is worrying.  In the meantime, the pollution of Delhi has become the cause of the new headache of the UP government.  In the last few years, the level of pollution in the capital has increased several times.  

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The administration this time banned the burning of fireworks in Delhi.  But the residents of the capital did not listen to them.  Deda’s bet is burnt.  As a result, the air in Delhi has become more toxic since Diwali night.  Over the last few days, pictures of pollution in Delhi have gone viral on social media.  Toxic foam is floating in the water level of the river Jamuna.  The whole city is covered in a coil of smoke.  The city wants relief, free air. But even then the consciousness of Delhiites has not returned.

 This time an oily substance was found on the streets of Delhi.  Panic spread among the people.

 It has been raining in several parts of Delhi since Sunday afternoon.  After hours of torrential rains, Delhi’s roads have become strangely slippery.  As soon as the brakes were applied on the bike or scooter, the rider was falling on the road.  Frightened, panicked people started calling the fire department.  The fire brigade has been called from different parts of Delhi from afternoon till 8 pm.  Then the fire department workers took to the streets.  Check to see if there is really any oily substance on the streets of Delhi.  Many began to think that the oil had fallen from the sky with the rain.


 After checking by the firefighters, it was seen that the air in Delhi had been so toxic for the last few days.  The weather was sultry.  As a result, the level of pollution was increased.  The level of pollution is exacerbated when fireworks are lit on Diwali.

  Dust from the air and smoke from cars moving on the road mixed with rainwater to form slippery matter.  That substance is a lot like oil.  Which made the condition of the road dangerous.  A fire official said the situation might not have happened if it had rained heavily.  Then the slippery substance would be washed and go down the drain.  But it has been raining slowly since four in the afternoon.  As a result, the substance was deposited on the road.  Many passers-by, however, thought that there was some kind of mobile substance lying on the road.  And that’s why driving two-wheelers on the streets of Delhi became dangerous.  However, the fire brigade started working diligently.  Firefighters began removing the slippery material from many areas.

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