Not petrol and diesel, only water, that’s what drives a car, invented by a man from Madhya Pradesh


Cars runs in water
Cars runs in water

  Petrol Diesel, no need, no mistake, car running on water, world shocked by the discovery of Indian mechanic

  Bhopal : Petrol and diesel prices are on the rise.  Do you have to think when you go out on the road with a car ???  No need to worry, this time such a car was invented in Bhopal, India. Petrol, diesel, no need, the car will run on water.  At a time when the price of pollution-free electric cars is also rising every day due to demand.  However, a citizen of the country who has solved these problems.  Because his car runs on water, not oil.

 Yes, I am surprised to hear that Mohammad Rasi Makrani, 44, from Madhya Pradesh, has built such a car.  No worries about going from one place to another, batteries, fuel, his journey will be pleasant if there is enough water.  Recently, the video of his car running in the water has also gone viral on social media.


Video Credited – History Tv

 In 2012, Mohammad Rasi Makrani made a car that runs on water.  He changed his Maruti 600 car.  According to him, the maximum speed of the car is 50-60 kilometers per hour.  The car can be turned on and off by pressing the mobile number, such is the modern technology of the car running in water

  This motor mechanic Mohammad Rasi Makrani does not have an institutional degree.  After passing high school, he started working with pen in hand.  He has also patented his car.  It is heard that a Chinese company has been keen to bring this car to the market.  The question is where the Indian companies went!  Why they are not active in Makrani.

 Makrani told the media that it took him a year and a half to make this 698cc car.  The news spread to many organizations in China, Dubai etc.  They are communicating with him.  His wish is to be known by the hand of a local company.

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