Corona Updates: Signs of a new type of variant corona in England

New type of  variant Corona viruse found in England
New type of  variant Corona viruse found in England

  Health Secretary Matt Hancock says at least 60 new forms of covid infection have been recorded.


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  He said the World Health Organization has been notified and scientists in the UK are engaged in detailed research.

  He said “there is nothing to advise” that it could lead to worse diseases or that vaccines would interfere with work.

  Media caption is a new form of covid


  In some areas of south-east England, the issue could accelerate, Matt Hancock said.


  He told lawmakers in the House of Commons that there had been an increase in corona virus infections in parts of London, Kent, Essex and Hertfordshire in the past week.


WATCH LIVE: #Coronavirus press conference (14 December 2020)


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— UK Prime Minister (@10DowningStreet) December 14, 2020

  “We have so far identified more than a thousand cases with this new variant, mainly in the south of England, although about 60 have been identified by local authorities.

  “We don’t know how much of this new level of virus is happening, but whatever the cause, we will be able to take swift and decisive action. Once the vaccine is introduced, it is absolutely essential to control this deadly disease.”

  Alan McNally, an expert professor at the University of Birmingham, said tests in the UK over the past few weeks had found this new look.

   In an interview with the BBC, he said: “Let’s not become historical. This does not mean that it is more contagious or dangerous.

  “It’s something to keep an eye on.

  “Huge efforts continue to be made to characterize the variant and to understand its emergence. We need to have a calm and logical view of the strain. This is normal virus evolution and we hope that new variants will emerge in various ways over time.”

  Director of Welcome Dr.  Jeremy Farrar says it’s potentially serious.  “Surveillance and research must continue and we must take the necessary steps to stay ahead of the virus.” (With input)

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