At least 110 farmers ‘hacked to death‘ while working in paddy fields, Named the “highest Terrorist attack on civilians 2020 “by the United Nations

At list 110 farmer killed in Nigeria Paddy Filed
At list 110 farmer killed in Nigeria Paddy Filed


 At least 110 farmers were killed in a surprise attack while working in a Nigerian paddy field.  The militants came on motorcycles, tied the hands and feet of the farmers, cut their throats and killed them.  At first 43 deaths were reported.  The death toll later rose to 110.  The United Nations has described it as the biggest terrorist attack on civilians in 2020.

 The horrific incident took place on Saturday afternoon local time in and around Koshobo, near the town of Maiduguri in Nigeria’s northeastern state of Bern.

 Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari has strongly condemned the killings, saying the whole country was hurt by the senseless killings.

 Militia leader Babakura Kolo said they had recovered 110 bodies.  Everyone was strangled to death.  6 people were injured. However, according to the UN, 70 people were killed in this incident.

 The leader of the anti-jihad militia said the killers tied the hands and feet of the agricultural workers and cut their throats.

 Nigeria UN humanitarian coordinator Edward Callon said in a statement that men and women were farming in the fields.  At that time, the armed forces came on a motorcycle and attacked.  It killed at least 110 ordinary men and women.  The militants are said to have abducted several women at the time.

 Another militiaman, Ibrahim Liman, said the dead workers came from the state of Sokato, about a thousand kilometers away, to the northeast for employment.

 No militant group has claimed responsibility for the attack.  However, in this African country, Boko Haram and ISWAP IS are rival groups.  Shepherds, suspected of being involved in information smuggling and espionage for the army and local militias, targeted farmers and killed them as Boko Haram.

 Last month, Boko Haram killed 22 agricultural workers in two separate incidents.

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