Offensive remarks against female judges and judges’ wives posted on YouTube

Former High Court judge CS Kernan was arested for ofencive post on Social Media against female Judge
Former High Court judge CS Kernan was arested for ofencive post on Social Media against female Judge

 Former High Court judge CS Kernan was arrested today for allegedly posted YouTube against woman Judge.

   Chennai police arrested the former judge.

  He uploaded defamatory a

nd offensive remarks against Supreme Court and High Court judges, their wives, online.

  It is learned that the Madras High Court recently put pressure on the police not to take action in the case.

 In 2017, former Justice Cornon who was convicted became the first judge to become the first judge of the High Court.  He was sentenced to six months imprisonment for contempt of court while he was a judge of the Calcutta High Court.

  A seven-judge bench of the Supreme Court, headed by then-Chief Justice JS Kheh, directed the West Bengal police chief to take him into custody.  He could not be tracked through mobile phone.  He refrained from being arrested for several weeks after being sentenced to life in prison.

  He was also the first High Court judge to appear in the Supreme Court.  In 2009, he was first appointed a judge of the Madras High Court.  In 2016, he was appointed a judge of the Calcutta High Court.  He wrote letters to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and then President Pranab Mukherjee alleging corruption in senior judges.

  Last year, the former judge ran in the 2013 election as a candidate for the Anti-Corruption Dynamic Party (ACDP).

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