Today is July 21. Martyr’s Day. Every time the metropolis was blocked in public on this day. Tsunami of slogans was raised on the index finger of party leader Mamata Banerjee. But this time the situation is different due to the epidemic. The meeting is not being held in Dharmatala. Therefore, before the Ekushey assembly vote, Mamata will present her speech in the last virtual meeting on July 21. The leader’s speech can be heard online at 2 pm. Trinamool supremo will clarify the outline of the party’s program in the future through this statement.
21at julay Trinomul Congress Virtual Meatting Live
Immortal martyr, we are not forgetting you, I will not forget!

On July 21, 1993, 13 children of Bir Banga were shot dead by the police in a peaceful protest procession led by Didi

21 July july Martyar’s Day Virtual Meeting of TMC (Trinomul Congress )
Pic credit: – Banglar gorbo Mamata Facebook page

21st July Trinomul Congress Virtual Meeting: Every year, the Trinamool Congress celebrates ‘Martyr’s Day’ under the leadership of Didi to commemorate them and their sacrifices.

This year, during the battle with Atimari, on the day of ‘Martyr’s Day’, our beloved public leader Mamata Banerjee will come live on July 21 at 2 pm. There was an invitation to join this event. Let us all remember the immortal sacrifice of our heroic martyrs with Didi on that day.

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