In an ad of Bingo , angry SSR fans over Ranbir Singh, call for boycott Bingo

Sushant Singh Rajput fans protest on social media ,over an ad of Bingo on Ranbir Singh
Sushant Singh Rajput fans protest on social media ,over an ad of Bingo on Ranbir Singh

A recent advertisement featuring Ranbir Singh has started spreading hatred on social media.  Fans of the late Sushant Singh Rajput are shouting about this ad.  The ad in question is “Bingo, in which Ranveer talks about algorithms, photons and aliens.”  There are descriptions of algorithms, photons and aliens.  This, however, was not well received by Sushant Singh Rajput fans. They felt that the ad was an insult to the late actor and his love for science.  Sharing the ad, one of Sushant’s fans wrote, “See how Ranveer Singh and Bingo are making fun of SSR together.


See how Ranveer Singh and bingo together make fun of SSR.
Their tagline should be “Brand of India but not pride of India” #BoycottBingo#RepublicRoar4SSR

— DAYANAND BAIRAGI (@Imonly4sushant) November 19, 2020

 Recently, a controversy erupted over an ad by jewelery maker Tanishq. As a result of the controversy, the ad could no longer be aired on TV.

 The actor has been wearing the cannon of netizens since the advertisement was aired on TV screens.  Different people keep posting in different ways. For example, “India should have a brand but not the pride of India”.  Another wrote, “@Ranveer’s official I just want to know who dubbed your part in the ad?

  I’m sure you don’t know the meaning of a word here!  If you know of any chances, tell me briefly what the algorithm is!  Or what a photon!  Level issues, not ridicule!  “

  Fans are calling for justice on behalf of SSR, calling for a boycott of both the star and the brand.

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