Militant attacks in France again!  This time the target is the Priest of the church, the Terrorist attack

Militants fire on a French church priest


 France – French Minister Gerald Damarlin said in a statement that his country has declared war on Islamic ideology.  As a result, more attacks are likely to be organized in France in the near future.  His words match.  This time the militant attack took place in the city of Lyon in France.  A militant attacked a church priest.  The militant escaped from the shotgun.  Panja is fighting to the death with that priest in a state of fear.  A 21-year-old militant beheaded three people outside a Notre Dame church in the city of Nice.  Authorities have since stepped up security across France.

 The priest was attacked on his way out of the church after the service.  That’s when the militant attacked him.  That priest is Greek.  The gunman shot at him from a shotgun and fled.  Police are conducting a search operation in the entire city in search of him.  French President Emmanuel Macro said gold would be deployed in crowded places across the country.  Even the security of places of worship and schools will be ensured.  In reality, that is what has happened.  Even after that, the police are trying to find out the answer to how such an attack was carried out.  The doctors said that the priest’s condition was critical.

 France now has to pay the ultimate price for its compassionate attitude towards refugees.  According to several French intelligence agencies, several militants have set up bases in various French cities in the guise of refugees.  Those militants from multiple Islamic states in the Middle East are entering France for sabotage.  The militant who killed three people outside a church in the city of Nice also entered France from Tunisia as a refugee, according to intelligence sources.।

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