Cecil Eliz carried her son Matthew Eliz What is surrogacy to better present in front of the society

Baby Uma with the whole family, including Elliott Dogerty and his grandmother, Cecil Eliez. Image courtesy-BBC News


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Cecil Eliz carried her son Matthew Eliz and her husband Elliott Dagerti to the term, last week she gave birth to a child, named Uma Lewis.

  Mrs. Alej made this proposal when her son Matthew and husband Mr. Dugherty first proposed that they have a family and the arrival of a new member there.

  Ms Eliz told the BBC.

  Mrs. Alejandro, who is now 59 years old, said that her suggestion had at first created a fun in the family, the reality of moving forward was not possible.

  Mr Dugherty said: “It simply came to our notice then. She was such a selfless woman.”

Cecil Eliez with Granddaughter-image courtesy-ARIEL PANOWICZ.com

  But it was then that Mr. Eliz and Mr. Dugerti, who lived in Omaha, near Mrs. Eliz and her husband, began to look for alternatives to delivering their children.  Then one of their fertile doctors found him and he looked for alternatives

 Mrs. Eliz was interviewed and multiple tests were performed, all of which gave a green signal to the surrogacy.

 “I’m very health conscious,” he said.  “I have no reason to doubt whether I can carry the baby.”

Baby Uma with family-Image Courtesy -ARIEL PANOWICZ.com

  Mr. Dougherty’s sister, Leah, was the egg donor, with Mr. Eliz delivering the sperm.

 Mr Dugherty, a hairdresser by profession, said that for straight couples who may consider IVF as a last resort, it serves as their “only hope” for a biological child.

  “We always knew we had to be unique and think outside the box,” said Mr. Eliz, a public school teacher.

 Mrs. Eleg’s pregnancy was smooth throughout, with regular symptoms being “somewhat better” than in her previous pregnancies with her three children.

  In fact, the most obvious sign of his age was diminishing.  Mrs. Elegen arrived less than a week after the embryo was implanted in her womb, so Mr. Elegz and Mr. Dugherty bought her a pregnancy test to see if the successful transfer of the test was successful.

  “We were told no, but the boys couldn’t wait,” Mrs. Eliz said with a laugh.

  At first it did not see any light of hope, but in the second test it is possible.

  “It was really a happy moment,” Mrs. Eliz said jokingly about her failed eyesight.

  “He can’t see anything, but what he’s delivering is his other feeling,” said Mr. Eliz and Mr. Dugherty.

 Mrs Elegz said her pregnancy response had been mostly positive, with little “shock factor”, especially for her other two children, Mr Elegen’s siblings.

  “When everyone gets the full picture it’s no other way than support,” he said.

  Pregnancy Nebraska, however, raised the question of discrimination against LGBT families.  Although same-sex marriage has been legalized in the state since a Supreme Court ruling in 2015, state laws prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation have been repealed in Nebraska.  Until 2017, but the state still maintains decades-old bans on gay and lesbian foster parents.

  Mrs Ellis said she had fought with her insurance company for the cost of health care, which would have been accepted if she had given birth to her own child.  And because of the law that distributes the child as a mother, Umar’s birth certificate lists his son and Mrs. Alejah, and Mr. Dugherty was not recognized.


  Mr Eliz was fired from his job at Scott Catholic High School four years ago, at which time he and Mr Dugherty told school administrators they were planning to get married.

 Mr. Eliz’s treatment has sparked outrage in his community, with parents and alumni and current students filing an online petition calling for “an end to employment discrimination against Mr. Eliz and future faculties.”

  The application is now closed, gathering 102,995 supporters.

  A private family in general, Mrs Elegz said they fought the fight against these examples of LGBT people “hating” individuals and families.

Whole family at the day of the Uma’s Birth- Image Courtesy -ARIEL PANOWICZ.com

  “I’m not taking it personally,” Mr. Eliz said of the negative reaction to him and his family.  “At the end of the day, we have a family, we have friends, we have a huge community that supports us.”

  And a week after Umar’s birth, Mrs. Eliz says she and her granddaughter are well.

  “This little girl is surrounded by so much support, she’s going to grow up in a loving family,” Mrs. Eliz said.

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