Before the Lok Sabha vote, the Dalit family ate at the house of Raju and Geeta Mahali, This time, Amit Shah is the Union Home Minister in another tribal house. This time, the Trinamool handed over the government job appointment letter to the former tribal family.

Amit Shah take food in tribal family,Trinomul gives job appointment letter former tribal family Amit Shah ate
Amit Shah take food in tribal family,Trinomul gives job appointment letter former tribal family Amit Shah ate



 Amit Shah, a powerful leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Union Home Minister of India, had lunch at the residence of marginalized people during his visit to West Bengal.

  Eating with people from backward communities has become a regular part of Shah’s life in West Bengal.  During the previous visit, the former BJP national president had taken the same approach in reaching out to the marginalized voters.

  On his last visit to Bengal, Shad received lunch at the homes of Raju Mahali and Geeta Mahali in Siliguri.  Raju Mahali and Geeta Mahali claimed that the visit of the BJP leader gave temporary status to the tribal couple and their lives did not improve much.

  However, on the same day, Shah will have lunch at another tribal home in other parts of the state, the same day the TMC-run West Bengal administration hired Gita Mahali.

  Raju Mahali complained after his wife was appointed as a homeguard in the West Bengal Police, saying after the West Bengal program was over, “After Amit Shah left, no one from the BJP ever came to see us again.

  TMC stood by our side.  They help us whenever we need something.  “

  Meanwhile, during his first stage in Bankura during his two-day visit to West Bengal, Shah said on Thursday that the BJP would form a government in the state by winning two-thirds of the seats in next year’s assembly elections.

 He added that Mamata Banerjee was scared to see the rise of BJP in West Bengal and deliberately deprived the central government of welfare schemes in the state.

  “The death of Mamata Banerjee’s government has been announced,” the Bengali portal The Wall quoted Shah as saying.  With a two-thirds majority in the next Assembly elections, the BJP will form the government in West Bengal in 2021, ”Shah was quoted as saying by Bangla portal The Wall.

  “Mamata Banerjee is scared. Because she is scared, she has limited the implementation of welfare schemes of the central government in Bengal. The farmers of Bengal are not getting the Rs 6,000 that the central government is giving them.

  “Poor families are not getting medical insurance of Rs 500,000. Marginalized people continue to refuse grants to build suitable houses and toilets for themselves. The state government has limited funding for at least 80 central government projects.”

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