The launch of 9 satellites with PSLV-C49 rocket is a big test in front of ISRO on Saturday


PSLV -C49 rocket
PSLV -C49 rocket

Technology News– Saturday launch big test.  So before that, the scientists of Isro appeared to worship in the temple.  However, this is not the first time.  Even before the launch of Chandrayaan-2, scientists from the Indian Space Research Organization went to worship at the temple.  Many scientists comment on such devotion.  Science and reform do not match anywhere. 


Video-Gareeb Scientist

 Then why do the devotees of science know how to worship in the temple!  Such a question also arose.  However, ISRO scientists have left those criticisms behind.  ISRO plans to launch a total of nine satellites into space on Saturday on the back of the PSLV-C49.  Three of these nine satellites are from other countries.

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 The PSLV-C49 will be launched from the Sriharikota launchpad at 2 minutes past 3 p.m.  Long ago, ISRO started preparations to launch these nine satellites into space.  However, they have to withdraw the mission in Corona.  The nine satellites that will reach space on the back of the PSLV-C49 will usually be used for weather-centric news.  Including India’s RISAT Satellite Series.  These satellites will transmit all the information of climate change from space.  The images sent by the satellite are believed to be useful in agriculture, forest protection and disaster management.

 On this day, ISRO scientists went to worship at the Tirumala temple in South India.  They took with them a replica of the PSLV-C49.  The special pujo of that replica was completed on this day.

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