WhatsApp click to chat Your No Not Available on google                            
WhatsApp click to chat
WhatsApp click to chat
WhatsApp click to chat

Your WhatsA inpp number will not be available on Google  ।whatsapp click to chat not to show your  WhatsApp number on googgle search , just do this

There are probably many of you who use the click to chat feature of WhatsApp. With this feature on various social media, you can create the URL of your WhatsApp profile and use it for commercial purposes. 

whatsapp click to chat:

The advantage of this feature is that there is no need to give personal WhatsApp number to others through the URL provided by you, they can contact you directly on WhatsApp number by tapping on your WhatsApp profile URL.
The onset of the problem is with this WhatsApp URL share. For those who use this click-to-chat feature of WhatsApp, their WhatsApp number would go directly to the Google search results. This causes a huge problem in their privacy. Various illegal activities were also being done by it. There may be a problem with Google’s algorithm, but it is not clear yet. The three companies, Facebook, WhatsApp and Google, said in a statement that many of the problems could be due to technology.
But maybe those who use this feature don’t notice that their numbers are moving up in the Google search index. 
Google’s algorithm extracts user numbers from these click-to-chat URLs shared on various social media and commercial sites, which can be seen in Google’s search results. Due to which Google is currently working hard to solve this problem. But before that, cyber security experts have revealed how you can remove your WhatsApp number from Google’s search list.
whatsapp Problem Solve
whatsapp Problem Solve

whatsapp no on google search result problem solve 

All you have to do is turn off your Click to Chat URL and you have shared this WhatsApp  URL on various social media platforms and trades, picking it up from there. This is the only way Google’s algorithm can no longer extract phone numbers from your URL or QR code.
But beware of various temptations or any illegal activities on WhatsApp by using the number extracted from the shared URL. Sometimes you check your URL number on Google to see if it is showing.
So if you want to remove your number from the Google search list, use this method as soon as possible.

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