Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in his Mann ki Baat address on Sunday, said India’s fight against coronavirus was people-driven

  • said India’s fight against coronavirus was people-driven as he congratulated Indians for joining forces with the administration to battle the pandemic.                                                                

    • The fight against Corona of India is truly people-driven: PM Modi                                        
    • The lockdown is aimed at the people of the next country
    • Prime Minister’s speech
    • Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Sunday at his Mann Bat event that India’s fight against the coronavirus has turned into a human shock.
    • Chief Minister Narendra Modi, in his Mann Baat deal on Sunday, said that India’s fight against carnivirus was people-driven as he congratulated Indians from the bottom of his heart for joining the fight against the epidemic.
    • The fight against India’s corona is really people-driven: Modi in the afternoon
    • Prime Minister Narendra Modi had earlier addressed the United States through ‘Mann Ki Baat’ and urged to avoid extra self-assurance about Corona. In the midst of the coronavirus threat on the radio program ‘Mann Ki Baat’, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the people of the states in the United States are fighting against coronavirus in India. “Whether it’s business, work life, schooling or scientific discipline, each of us has to adapt to changes in the corona virus epidemic,” he said. He said that the enjoyment of the whole world is training us to understand the burden, so we should not be overconfident now, because after Corona’s warning, I could feel the flames of disaster.

    • People have followed the lockdown policy
    • Lately, we had fairs like Bihu, Baishakhi, Puthandu, Bishu, Oriya like new 12 months. We have noticed how people celebrate fairs with simplicity by staying within their own boundaries, following lockdown rules.
    • This time our Christian friends have celebrated Easter at home. In the midst of this global-epidemic, the Covid-19 disaster, as a member of your family and all of you are my relatives in each other’s circles, then it is my responsibility to provide some guidelines, some guidelines.
    • Hon’ble Modi said that people came to us with all kinds of help in one, one place, one place. From food, including rations or lockdowns, to the availability of hospitals, to the production of scientific equipment in the United States of America, these days the whole of the US – is shifting along one path. He further said that tali, thali, diya, candles, all these things that awaken the emotions. The consciousness with which the countrymen decided to do something has stimulated everyone. Whether it is a city or a village far away or not, it looks like a huge yajna is going on inside you, in which all the people are interested to contribute.
    • The fight against India’s corona must be driven by the people: quote from Hon’ble Modi
    • PM Modi praises state governments for their sincere role in tackling carnivirus epidemic
    • We have created a digital platform – – that connects about 1.15 crore people such as doctors and nurses. I request you to join the portal and become a coward fighter.
    • This is our agency, office life, schooling, clinical area … everyone is adapting to the new changes in the global against the background of coronavirus.
    • Today, we are realizing the value of each person – people working in our homes, running shops, drivers …
    • Recognizes India’s efforts to support many international positions using it by ensuring adequate distribution of medicines and various medical organizations at the international level: Bikal Modi
    • Cover your face to protect yourself and others; Homemade masks or ‘use towels’: Quote from Afternoon Modi
    • Kovid-19 brings many combinations around us, the most prominent of which is the use of a mask. Carcass viruses have become a part of lifestyle due to carrying. This does not mean that people can get sick if they wear masks. The use of masks became a symbol of a civilized society.
    • Any other focus created by the coronavirus is where there is spit, it is a terrible habit and poses a serious danger to cleanliness. So the habit of spitting should be changed. It can enhance general hygiene and strengthen the fight against Covid-19.
    • Stay away from spitting in public: Afternoon Modi for the duration of Mann Ki Baat Quote
    • 11 a.m. Modi on the basis of an ordinance to protect the health care people: it becomes important to ensure their safety
    • Corona Warriors stay safe, sure

    • The Prime Minister said that the efforts made by the people during the crisis have started a new transformation in India. Corporations, workplaces, academic establishments and the scientific realm within you, he said. Unexpectedly moving towards new operational changes. Forward, every innovator within the country is developing with some or all of the options in the emerging situation.
    • In the afternoon it was said that the Center, the state government, each branch and organization a


      Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in his Mann ki
      Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in his Mann ki

    • source: Narendra Modi app

    •                             Remember, our

    • Our forefathers said- ‘Agni: Sesham minus: , Byadhi: Shesham tathavaich. Enlightened again, Tasman Sheshemon Kare. Leaving fire, debts and illness lightly, becomes more dangerous as soon as the opportunity arises. Two things are very important. Mankind comes out of this predicament when you meet the next heart when there is some news of deliverance from this epidemic worldwide – thank you with this prayer.


      The fight against Corona of India is truly people-driven: PM Modi

    • The fight against Corona of India is truly people-driven: PM Modi                    

    • video source: youtube

    • PM said that the Centre, State Governments, each and every department and institution are working hand in hand for relief at full speed. People working in the aviation sector, Railway employees are working day and night to alleviate hurdles confronting the countrymen. He cited how a special campaign Lifeline Udan has ensured supply of medicines to every corner of the country and within a short span of time. Lifeline Udan, clocked a flight distance of three lakh kilometers, delivering over five hundred tons of medical supplies to people in the farthest corners of the country.
    • The Prime Minister highlighted how the Railways is working relentlessly during the lockdown, so that the common man throughout the country does not have to face the shortage of essential commodities. Indian Railways is running more than 100 parcel trains on close to 60 routes. Shri Modi said, the postal department personnel are playing a critical role in ensuring medical supplies. He said, all of them are Corona Warriors in the truest sense. Underlining the Government’s commitment to help the needy and poor, the Prime Minister said, money is being directly transferred into the accounts of the poor, as part of the Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Package. Facilities like free of cost gas cylinders and rations for three months are being provided to the poor. He praised the efforts of various government departments and banking sector personnel working together as a team.
    • PM also commended the state governments for playing a very proactive role in dealing with this pandemic. He said, the responsibilities being borne by local administrations and state governments are critical in the fight against Corona. He said, their hard work is worthy of commendation. Expressing his deepest regards for the medical services personnel across the country, the Prime Minister said the doctors, nurses, para-medical staff, community health workers and all such personnel who are working round the clock to ensure a Corona-free India. He said we need to ensure their safety and the ordinance that has been issued recently is a step in this direction. The ordinance provides for stringent punishment for those harassing or injuring or indulging in violence against Corona warriors.
    • video credit: Narendra Modi app
    • – Everyone is fighting this battle according to his ability

    • PM Modi said that look at our farmer brothers and sisters, on the one hand they are working day and night in their fields amidst this epidemic and are also worrying that no one can sleep in this country. Everyone is fighting this battle according to his ability. If someone is waiving the rent, then someone is depositing their full pension or prize money in PM Cares. Some are donating all the vegetables of the farm, while some are giving free food to hundreds of poor people every day. Somebody is making a mask, somewhere our laborers and siblings are dyeing and painting the school where they are staying in quarantine. To help others, this is a swirling emotion in any corner of your heart, is it not? He is giving strength to this fight of India against Corona.
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