PM Modi visit today India’s top Vaccine hubs, Personally monitor Covid-19 vaccine Devolpoment And how quickly it is possible to distribute it to the public

PM Modi visit India's top Covid Vaccine hubs
PM Modi visit India’s top Covid Vaccine hubs

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi will today visit India’s top vaccine hubs to personally monitor the development and production process of corona vaccine.  According to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s office, the visit was to “help him in his efforts, preparation, challenges and initial vision of the roadmap for vaccinating citizens”.

  According to the schedule, Prime Minister Modi will visit the Farm Major Jaidas Cadillac plant near Ahmedabad.  Vaccine will tour his three cities.  The Prime Minister will land at Ahmedabad Airport before 9.30 am and inspect the preparations at the Jaidas Cadillac plant.  

The plant is located at Changodar Industrial Area, 20 km from Ahmedabad.  According to an official source, Prime Minister Modi will stay at the plant for one hour.  The drugmaker has announced that the first phase of clinical trials of its Kavid-19 vaccine candidate Zykovi-D has been completed and it has begun the second phase of clinical trials in August.


 From Ahmedabad, Prime Minister Modi will travel to Pune, where there is a Serum Institute of India (SII) plant in partnership with global pharma giant AstraZeneca and a COVID-19 vaccine with Oxford University.  During the visit, Prime Minister Modi is expected to discuss the status of the vaccine in detail, including the launch, production and distribution process.

  The Prime Minister will then travel to Hyderabad and visit India Biotech, which is working on Covaccine, India’s first indigenous vaccine.  The Prime Minister will arrive at 3:40 pm and after leaving for the visit between 4 pm and 5 pm, his plane will fly to Delhi at 5:40 pm.

  “As India enters a set stage in the fight against Covid-19, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to these opportunities and discussions with scientists will help India get a first-class perspective on preparations, challenges and roadmaps for vaccinating citizens through proper distribution,” the PM’s office said yesterday.  Tweeted.

  Before discussing the growing epidemic situation in their states with the Chief Ministers of various states in a virtual meeting on November 24, the Prime Minister advised the states to make arrangements for cold storage facilities for the COVID-19 vaccine in advance and prepare and send plans for them.  It distributes to the central government.

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