Scrap Cardboard 1 died in an accident after falling from a moving truck

Thane Wagbill flyover, accident
Thane Wagbill flyover, accident


Thane Mumbai: Scrap cardboard fell The accident happened after a scrap cardboard from a moving truck went over a vehicle on the Wagbill flyover in Thane on Saturday night.  On a sedan car lying 20 feet down.  A 42-year-old man in the car died in the incident.

  As a result of reading the cardboard from above, the roof of the car was shattered.  The truck driver immediately fled the scene.

  Traffic police, fire brigade and Thane Regional Disaster Management Officer rescued the two at the spot.

  Arriving at the spot, the police took the two passengers inside the vehicle to the hospital.  Unknown identity of   who was first pronounced dead.  Another injured man was identified as Prashant Deborkonda (38).

  Initial estimates police said the scrap goes after the truck driver lost control, but it is not yet clear if it lost control due to excessive overload or potholes in the road.  Due to the accident, the traffic was temporarily disrupted.

  Police said they are looking for the truck driver, and a case will be filed against him.

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