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hunger  epidemic – Migrents labour   

lotted food,in Dellhi Railway Station   ,

covid-19 lockdown news :- Migrents labours looted food,in Dellhi Railway  

Station  ,


covid-19 lockdown news :- Migrents labour ,lotted food,in Dellhi Railway Station   


               When Hunger Strikes Amid a Pandemic: Scores of Migrants Loot Food, Water Bottles at Delhi Railway Station
Hunger epidemic: Immigrants loot food, water bottles at Delhi Rai station
May: – 24, 2020
Migrant workers have suffered the most in India due to the two-month lockdown, and the current picture also shows the plight of migrant workers due to the Kovid-19 outbreak.

New Delhi: The world is battling an epidemic, with India and COVID-19 facing an epidemic of hunger and poverty in times of crisis. As a result, many migrant workers have become unemployed, displaced and starving.


On Friday, after the push-cart was stopped along with food and water pouches, the workers and the looted migrant workers who started fleeing after the attack, video from the old Delhi Railway Station show, NDTV reported.

The push-cart failed to stop them, but the migrant workers became so hungry and poor on Friday.


covid-19 lockdown during this time 2.9 milion Indian’s Data Hack by dark web 

dark web news,covid-19 lockdown

Thepersonal information of 29 million people of the country was leaked online. On Saturday, one of the country’s online intelligence agencies gave such shocking statistics. That information has gone to the Dark Web.

Data Hack by dark web in India
Data Hack by dark web 


The job information of 29 million unemployed people has come out, every time something like this happens, but this time the personal information has gone to the Dark Web, which the online intelligence agency thinks is a sensational thing.


Data Hack by dark web in India 25th May2020
Data Hack by dark web 

Incidentally, the company recently raised the issue of hacking of Facebook accounts. The company has also given a screen shot of the hacked files. It has been said that if anything else happens, it will be published in India.

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The leaked information includes information of some well-known online job companies in the country. With this information, cyber criminals often make fake identity cards. There are also various types of financial frauds and corporate scams.

      pakistan plane crash Video Footege


pakistan plane crash Footege

    pakistan plane crash latest news


PTA Pilot Final Moment Image of the moment just before the pilot crashed, Flight T Belly trying to land
Attempted final landing of PIA flight. (Image: Plane Spotter Pakistan)
Attempted final landing of PIA flight. (Image: Plane Spotter Pakistan)
Officials said Flight PK-6303 from Lahore was en route to Karachi when the plane crashed in the Jinnah Garden area near Mali’s Model Colony just minutes before take-off.
 May 23, 2020, 12:52 IST
The horrific image was captured on ACTV footage of a Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) plane that crashed near Karachi airport due to a technical glitch while trying to land in Bailey after landing gear failed. More than 100 passengers and crew were on board, most of whom are presumed dead as 40 bodies have already been recovered from the wreckage.
In a densely populated area of ​​Karachi city on Friday, an Airbus A320 was destroyed on Friday, at a time when flights were closed in Pakistan due to the corona virus.
Flight PK-6303 from Lahore was en route to Karachi when it crashed a minute before landing in the Jinnah Garden area near Mali’s Model Colony, officials said.
Another CCTV video of #PlanCrash from another angle #Karachi #Airbus 320 #PK8303
– Garida: Farooqi (@Zifaruki) May 22, 2020

pakistan plane crash Video Footege



                       Video : PIA, You Tube

A CCTV footage now shows him attempting to land on his stomach and the final moments of the flight to the runway. As seen, both engines were underbody scraping.

The pilot went ahead of the emergency landing and tried the belly landing again
 The plane came back after another attempt to land. Steady, belly landing requires the aircraft to land with the underbody when it touches the runway with underbody because the landing gear is not effective at that time. This step is extremely dangerous and can prove fatal if misplaced.
Such landings are made only in case of emergency. However, one minute before the plane landed again, the pilot lost control of the plane and crashed into a nearby residential area.
As many as 41 bodies have been recovered by Friday evening, the airline’s chief executive Arshad Mahmud Malik told a news conference. Complete clearance could be granted in a day or two. Only one person survived the wreckage – Zafar Masood, president of the Punjab Bank.
But provincial officials say at least two people have survived and at least 600 bodies have been recovered.
Faisal Edhi, head of the charity Eddie Foundation, which assisted rescuers, said 45 bodies had been recovered so far. “Our rescuers have recovered 45 bodies from the wreckage,” he said.

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